Japanese translation provided below.

With a major uptick in growth for the Japanese market, coupled with the hard work and dedication from the local YouAppi team in our Tokyo office, YouAppi is excited to announce the promotion of Takuya Miura to General Manager, YouAppi Japan. Miura, who has nearly a decade of experience in digital agencies and mobile marketing, joined YouAppi in 2018 and was formerly with digital agency Adways as well as the largest local Japanese agency, Asatsu-DK.

Miura views the Japan market as highly competitive with many high value opportunities in which to bring YouAppi’s comprehensive range of mobile marketing solutions to grow business at every stage of the user funnel for his clients. “Japan’s market is highly competitive, but we can see good opportunities for both programmatic UA and app retargeting after the long awaited iOS14.5 change” says Takuya, “I am thrilled to lead the JP team and support many Japanese clients with our products.”

“Takuya has a proven track record of results and operational excellence,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO of YouAppi. “Japan’s mobile app ecosystem is one of the biggest in the world and I am excited to have Takuya’s help and support as we expand and build for the future.”

2020 was a boom for Japanese app publishers with nearly 22% of all global mobile game player spending coming from Japan. Furthermore, mobile gaming continues to surge in 2021 with Japanese app publishers at the top of the charts with billions of dollars in mobile user spending. As a result, mobile apps in the Japanese market are primed for new user acquisition and app retargeting opportunities.

Just in time to meet the rapid growth of the Japanese market in 2021, YouAppi’s promotion of Miura to lead YouAppi’s activities in Japan stands to benefit the Japanese mobile market tremendously. Not only because of YouAppi’s ROI-focused programmatic app advertising solution but also because of Miura’s long standing experience and proven success in the mobile space.

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YouAppiは、三浦拓也がYouAppi JapanのGeneral Managerに就任したことを発表します。

デジタルエージェンシーやモバイルマーケティングで約10年の経験を持つ三浦は、2018年にYouAppiに入社し、デジタルエージェンシーのアドウェイズや、日本の大手総合代理店のアサツー ディ・ケイに在籍していました。



YouAppiのCEOであるMoshe Vaknin氏は、「三浦拓也は、結果と運営面で優れた実績を持っています。"日本のモバイルアプリのエコシステムは世界でも最大級のものであり、我々が拡大し、将来に向けて構築していく上で、三浦拓也の助けとサポートを得られることを嬉しく思います。