“If you build it, they will come.” While this approach worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, the same cannot be said for app developers. Building your app is the easy part; getting app installs and active users are the real challenges.

How exactly do you go about building your app user acquisition strategy? A holistic approach that combines both organic and paid methods will deliver the results you want. There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan, so YouAppi put together a list of must-use tactics to incorporate into your strategy.

Top Organic Mobile App Acquisition Strategies

Build a Feature-rich App

Organic Mobile App Acquisition Strategies

The app experience can have a considerable impact on the churn rate, so make sure you provide users with everything they might need without having to leave the app. If users need to create an account, provide them with the ability to manage and update their profile details. E-commerce and subscription-based apps need to have a payment section built-in. In addition, make sure that contacting customer support is available from within the app. Building an app with an excellent user experience will earn you great reviews which, in turn, will help convince new users of your app’s value, creating more downloads. 

App Store Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is critical and perfecting certain elements before submitting your app gives it the best chance of ranking high and making it discoverable to users in search. There are two important sides to ASO, and they both deserve equal effort.

First, optimize your search results through keyword optimization. Find the right keywords for your app by thinking about the terms you would use and leverage a keyword generation tool to create a list of short and long-tail keywords. These words should be organically added to your app name as well as the app’s description.

Second, conversion optimization helps users understand the value and unique offering of your app. Look at elements such as the app icon and the screenshots. Together, these will appeal to your target user and convince them to download your app.

Social Media

social media apps

Smartphone users spend 20% of their time on social networking apps, so these platforms are an ideal way to connect with new users. Identify the most appealing platforms for your target market and focus on building a community there. Your feed should be a mix of informational and educational content sprinkled with promotional posts that highlight your app. Beyond posting, engaging with your fans and followers gives excellent insights into users’ interests and how they view your app.

Top Paid App User Acquisition Strategies

PPC Campaigns 

While leveraging a social media presence is a free and organic way to gain new users, a  healthy part of any mobile user acquisition strategy includes a paid media plan to increase brand awareness and gain new users. This includes running a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. Create a different set of creatives for each platform and continually optimize and measure the platform-specific KPIs.

Set Your App Up for Success

Monetize to Flourish

The time, money, and resources poured into apps need to be recouped, and the truth is, most apps look to make a profit from their product. That’s why having an app monetization strategy in place will ensure that the app is ready to become a money-making unicorn. 

The mix of tactics you choose and having a full-funnel approach to acquisition and retention is the key to staying ahead. Start with a brand awareness campaign on social media and run mobile video ads in relevant popular apps to reach a wider audience. Keep in mind that rewarded and playable ad formats are especially well-received by users and have excellent conversion rates. The right message and CTA will push users to the app stores to download your app. Always check your campaign results and continue to iterate as the work doesn’t stop there. 

Acquiring new users and keeping them active in the app to prevent churn is no easy task on your own. By partnering with YouAppi, where we use proven algorithms that leverage multiple user data points to target high-value users, you will scale your app with ROI positive campaigns.