Appi Camper is an interview series that shines a spotlight on today's mobile elite, showcasing their expertise and knowledge. Growth leaders share trends, strategies to navigate the current market, tips to overcome present challenges, and how they approach these impacts to successfully emerge as an Appi Camper.

Spotlight with Anthony Pascale

After being named as Kwalee's "Marketer of the Year” in late 2019, Anthony was quickly promoted to Lead User Acquisition and Monetisation Executive within his first year in mobile gaming. Managing an ever-growing team responsible with launching Kwalee’s titles and ensuring everything runs smoothly all the way from launch to the top of the App Store charts.

Anthony has launched multiple top-charting games that have been played by millions, cementing Kwalee’s position as a leader in the hypercasual market. Anthony also assisted with the development of one of these games, Big Battle 3D, working closely on the ideation phase during Kwalee’s weekly ‘Creative Wednesdays’.


What are the trends you are seeing during this time? Any notable effects or strategies you can share?

iOS 14 is around the corner and people start to look a bit elsewhere to see if there's a way to avoid a potential loss. I think this will mark a new reflection for developers around the globe to look beyond the "iOS" and "Android" big markets. We'll see if that will go anywhere though...!

After all, diversifying the revenue stream allows better sustainability for a company.

What are some of the challenges for growth marketing during this time?

Growth marketing is always challenging, whatever you do. You need to adapt fast to any change otherwise you put your business at risk. The pressure is definitely there and you are managing quite huge budgets. iOS14 is a perfect example of this, but you'll have more in the future for sure. Growth is all about finding a strategy that fits the current limitations and... Grow.

How are you adjusting to working as a remote team? Are there any tips you can share about how to make it work?

At Kwalee, we perfectly adjusted our way of working to the remote work forced by COVID.
For me, you have 3 keys points for this:
          1) Contact: make sure your team is ALWAYS in contact and is able to work as if they were in an office. Use a morning catchup and evening catchup, for example, to keep the ball rolling.
          2) Social: your team shouldn't feel alone at home, but instead feel like interacting with other individuals. You can use free tools, like Discord, that allows your team to be "in an office" like setting and discuss randomly with people, creating specific channels for each topic.

          3) The tool of Tasking: be sure your team still has a clear goal for their days. Using tools like, you'll be able to give them excellent direction to follow, and you'll be able to help to eliminate any potential blockers.

What are you doing to stay positive and balanced while working remotely?

Not overworking too much, which is really hard. Also, I find "rituals" to draw a clear line between "I'm working" and "I'm at home" help, even if you do both in the same space. For example, changing out of "work" clothes, walking outside before and after work, etc.
Additionally, trying to keep some quality time for myself and friends through other means than the pub and other classic fun, like video games!