Appi Camper is an interview series that shines a spotlight on today's mobile elite, showcasing their expertise and knowledge. Growth leaders share trends, strategies to navigate the current market, tips to overcome present challenges, and how they approach these impacts to successfully emerge as an Appi Camper.

Spotlight with Raymund Bautista


In the last 10 years, Raymund Bautista has been building partner programs (& teams) that drive revenue growth and product adoption in the mobile app space, including advertising, attribution, and engagement. He is passionate about diversity & inclusion and believes a diverse mix of voices leads to better outcomes plus diversity is a business imperative.

What are some of the challenges for growth marketing during this time?

There has been a shift with mobile users working from home. Engaging with the right audience at the right time has become more challenging during these times.

What’s the right mobile messaging channel to drive engagement? Is it push, in-app message, live in-app chat, SMS, email? Maybe taking the multichannel approach is best to connect with the user. Leveraging personalization with the use of segmentation tools (e.g. demographic, behavior, localization, and customer event) and dynamic content can help. If done correctly, they will engage organically.

How are you adjusting to working as a remote team? Are there any tips you can share about how to make it work?

Working from home with no child care and as a remote team is not easy. Consider these tips to make it work:

  • set your work and child care schedule with your partner
  • have a specific workplace and lock the door
  • video always on for virtual meetings
  • be easily accessible
  • take breaks to prevent burnout
  • have a fun conversation (not work-related)
  • reply to emails/messages by end of the day
  • know when to shut down for the day/night


What are you doing to stay positive and balanced while working remotely?

Focusing on mental health, that includes:

  • have a routine for the day
  • take a break and go outside for a walk/run
  • celebrate wins and smell the roses
  • eat well
  • meditate/pray
  • do activities you enjoy without a mobile device
  • spend quality time with family/friends