Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and it’s a key time for brands to drive revenue during the Q4 holiday shopping season. According to data from Wunderkind, 71% of U.S. consumers plan to shop online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Moreover, Insider Intelligence predicts that almost half of these online sales will come from mobile devices.

Below, we outline Black Friday and Cyber Monday mobile marketing strategies for making the most of your mobile conversion strategy during this year’s biggest shopping days.

What is Cyber Five?

Cyber Five is the period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in the U.S. when retailers offer deals and discounts to help shoppers fulfill their holiday gift giving needs. As the Cyber Five includes both Black Friday and Cyber Monday — the two biggest shopping days of the year — it’s a time when many retailers drive record-breaking sales.

Cyber Monday, the ecommerce equivalent of Black Friday’s brick and mortar-focused shopping holiday, is historically the U.S.’ biggest shopping day. According to Statista, in 2020, Cyber Monday online sales reached $10.8 billion. Given Cyber Monday’s digital focus, it also sees the highest mobile conversion rates across top shopping holidays. In 2020, the Cyber Monday mobile conversion rate reached 3.31%.

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Source: Statista

Top 2022 Cyber Five marketing strategies

Based on top consumer insights, here are five recommendations for maximizing your Cyber Five mobile marketing strategy this Q4 holiday shopping season. Since we’re all about re-engagement, these Black Friday marketing strategies and  Cyber Monday mobile marketing tips focus not just on driving the highest ROI this holiday season, but also keeping the customers you acquire during the holidays to increase your LTV.

Promote deals with email marketing 

According to Wunderkind, a majority of consumers today (over 58%) report that they learn about their favorite brands’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals through email. Furthermore 63% of shoppers say they like  being reminded of deals via email.

To capitalize on this data with your Black Friday marketing strategies, set up and launch an email marketing campaign that’s branded festively for the holidays. Optimize your emails to be short, engaging and timely. Rather than sending a high (annoying) volume of emails to your audience, send communications at key moments in the run up to Cyber Five. Identify these moments by reviewing your open rate data and seeing when your audience is most likely to click through your emails.

If leveraged correctly in your Black Friday marketing strategies, email can have an impressive impact on your marketing performance. According to data from Litmus, on average, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. As all commerce has officially become omnichannel in our multidimensional digital world, create your email marketing campaign with an eye towards how to support and expand its content across your social media and paid marketing channels.

Get creative with your rewards

Cyber Five is well-known for its holiday deals and discounts but that shouldn’t stop your brand from getting even more creative with getting new and existing customers’ attention. Brainstorm new ways to inspire conversions with creative reward incentives in your Black Friday marketing strategies. An easy reward offer is a free gift. So, giving new or all customers a free gift when they make a purchase with your brand. This can inspire brand loyalty and also repeat purchases in the future.

Another Cyber Monday mobile marketing tip and creative way to reward customers is to offer minimum spend rewards for certain purchase amounts. This might include giving a customer free shipping if they spend $100. You could also offer tiered discounts. For example, if a shopper spends $75, they could receive a 15% discount and a shopper who spend $150 gets a 30% discount.

These creative offers can help incentivize customers to not just spend with your brand, but spend more.

Offer exclusive deals to your long time customers

Here at YouAppi, we believe that building long-term relationships with your customers is the most effective and cost-efficient Black Friday marketing strategy a brand can invest in. What’s an easy way to build long-term loyalty with your repeat customers? Create goodwill by offering them exclusive deals!

Identify and segment the customers in your audience who have made more than one purchase or purchased something recently. Offer them exclusive deals and discounts during Cyber Five to drive repeat business. By showing these customers that you remember them and value their loyalty, you’ll encourage them to not just come back during Cyber Five but after too.

Create a gift guide

Another Black Friday marketing strategy is making a gift guide is a great way to creatively inspire your customers to explore your offerings. You should use demographic data on your audience to design these guides to better engage them and address their needs. It’s also a wonderful way to curate a selection of your offerings and promote specific items or services.

According to Ironsource, while all consumers (74%) will be taking part in the Q4 holiday shopping craze, women (84%) in particular will be partaking in Cyber Five shopping. With that said, create your gift guide to be inclusive for everyone but make sure that it also addresses the needs of women — and, especially mothers.

Keep customers engaged after Cyber Five

It would be a shame to drive purchases from an avalanche of new business during Cyber Five and miss a key opportunity in the process in Black Friday marketing strategies : turning those new customers into loyal, lifelong customers. This is a missed opportunity that many brands experience. In fact, data from Shopify notes that for  64% of retailers, shoppers acquired during Black Friday or Cyber Monday have a lower lifetime value than shoppers acquired at any other time of the year.

With that in mind, follow up with your customers after Cyber Monday. This might include sending a quick thank-you email, a customer service survey, or by asking for feedback on their experience. As a Cyber Monday mobile marketing tactic, you could also offer them rewards for continuing to engage with your brand even after the holiday season is over.


Cyber Five is the period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in the U.S. when retailers offer deals and discounts to help shoppers fulfill their holiday gift giving needs. Here are some recommendations for driving ROI during Cyber Five with Black Friday marketing strategies, and also keeping the new customers you acquire long after the holiday shopping season:

  • Promote deals with email marketing
  • Get creative with your rewards
  • Offer exclusive discounts to long time customers
  • Create a gift guide
  • Keep customers engaged after Cyber Five

Turn new purchasers into lifelong customers this Cyber Five 

Meet new customers this holiday season and keep them long after it’s over. Our team of longtime app growth and retention experts can help you build a long-term engagement strategy that drives ROI in Q4 and beyond. Reach out to us!