Happy December, Star Gazers, and welcome to your final monthly round of Appstrology horoscopes for 2021! Astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, gives the key astrology for the month to help you market your app and live in alignment with the stars. Make sure to read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data for this December’s horoscope.

This month, there will be a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 (for those in the Pacific time zone, the eclipse will be on December 3). Venus will also be going retrograde and traveling very closely to Pluto, the planet of power, this month. This will propel growth in relationships, intimacy and also smart spending habits. Read your December horoscope below to understand how these transits could affect you and your app this month!


August Astrology Horoscopes Aries

Happy December, Aries! Creative activation and the relationships that support you in your career will be themes for you this month. The total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 will activate your 9th house of beliefs, personal expansion and travel. How have your beliefs changed about your purpose in life? What would bring you the sense of adventure you’re craving? This eclipse ends a cycle in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini that started in 2020. That being said, it’s a good time to take stock of how your beliefs and sense of purpose have changed since 2020. Venus has been traveling through your 10th house of career and reputation since last month. With it going retrograde on December 19, you might find yourself negotiating relationships that affect your standing at work. Are there power dynamics at play that make these relationships feel out of alignment? How can you show up more authentically in your professional relationships to take your power back?

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Partnerships that positively impact your brand’s reputation should be a focus this month. Make a list of partners who compliment your app’s mission and/or offerings. Make introductions before Venus stations retrograde on December 19. Be prepared to wait for confirmations until Venus goes direct on January 28, 2022.


August Astrology Horoscopes Taurus

Deep feelings are in store for you at the start of this month, Taurus! With the December 4 solar eclipse activating your 8th house of fears, you could be evaluating your psychological needs at the outset of December. How have your psychological needs evolved since 2020? Remember, your worth is not tied up in your stability. Use the activation of the eclipse to more authentically align with your wellness needs. Venus will be going retrograde in your 9th house of expansion and travel on December 19. This would be a lovely time to take a solo trip or staycation to revisit the part of you that craves independence and adventure. This might include going on a retreat, taking a workshop or just spending an entire weekend in bed escaping into a book you’ve wanted to read. Finding an ‘escape’ — whether externally or internally — around this time should be the vibe.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Dreaming is a theme this month so schedule in some team brainstorming time. This could be done in a large group but might be more valuable with a handful of team members who you trust. Let your wild, big picture ideas fly. Review your growth strategies and especially the ones you’ve inherited (as in, continue to use because you’ve always done it that way).


August Astrology Horoscopes Gemini

Relationships will be a theme this month, Gemini. On December 4, the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius will activate your 7th house of partnership. This means that a new chapter is opening in your approach to relationships, whether you’re partnered or unpartnered. Notice how your communication in relationships has changed since 2020. Are you more directly emotional than you used to be? Do you have a deeper connection with silence and other non verbal forms of communication? If you are partnered, consider the December 4 eclipse to be the beginning of a new chapter. You’ve made it through much tumult and growth since 2020. Take the time to review how it opened up new space in your partnership for more authentic connection — and communication! Venus’ retrograde starting December 19 will challenge you to review your family history and its effect on your relationships. We all imprinted our parents’ dynamic into our own emotional approach when it comes to intimacy. Consider individual or couples therapy to go deeper.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

How’s your IDFA opt-in rate on iOS looking? Remember: it’s never too late to add in a consent-based pre-permission prompt to build trust with your user. That being said, get user-centric this month. Incentivize surveys and other forms of feedback to hear from your users. If you’ve never invited direct feedback from your users before, now’s the time to get those communication mechanisms in place. Depending on your user demographic, consider forums like Discord to assist you.


August Astrology Horoscopes Cancer

Wellness and your relationship to your body will be a theme on the December 4 total eclipse, Cancer. This eclipse will activate your 6th house of wellness and routine. That being said, be kind to yourself on this eclipse. Do something that makes you feel good physically and emotionally. This might include exercise or self care practices. Whatever it is, put yourself first this time. Venus will be going retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships from December 19 until January 28. Examine your approach to relationships. If you feel a lack of reciprocity, how can you empower yourself to feel met? If this requires being more direct about your needs, then do that. Consider that it also might require getting into relationships with people who have the space — and emotional maturity — to support you as much as you support them.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s a good time to be honest with yourself about the growth partners in your mix that are not working for you. Do you trust your partners to be proactive when things go wrong? If you’re using extra reporting and administrative paperwork to fill gaps in trust with your partners then it might be time to move on. Use our DSP questionnaire to move forward on reviewing new partners.


August Astrology Horoscopes Leo

It’s strange how much things can change; even things we used to love. On or around the December 4 solar eclipse, Leo, you might find yourself reviewing all the ways your creative and pleasurable pursuits have changed. What do you love to do and how has that changed since 2020? If you’re looking for a creative outlet to reignite your sense of inspiration, now is the time to find it. You might also be ready to start a new chapter when it comes to attracting romance into your life. On December 19 Venus will be going retrograde in your 6th house of wellness. Take the time to focus on your self-care and wellness routine. If relationships with coworkers are on your mind, do things that help mitigate your anxiety. Remember: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s time to plan a team building event! Yes, the pandemic has changed the way people can safely congregate in real-time. That being said, find new ways to connect with your team members as you move into the new year. During your team building efforts it might also be a good time to review your internal project management tools and communication systems. Get feedback from your team and onboard new tools if needed during Venus’ retrograde from December 19 to January 28.


August Astrology Horoscopes Virgo

Welcome to a new chapter in your relationships with your family, Virgo. It’s taken you a lot of work and a year and a half eclipse cycle in Sagittarius and Gemini to get here. Come the December 4 total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, your work in terms of familial dynamics is coming to a close. Well — the work is never truly done — but at least you’ve come to a more aligned dynamic with your family and your family history. Notice how your communication with family members has changed as well as your beliefs about what a healthy family dynamic looks like. Later in the month when Venus goes retrograde in your 5th house of creativity and passion, you could find yourself reviewing your approach to romance. Do you want to fall in love or lust? Track your discernment of one versus the other. It would be a lovely time to fuel this passionate analysis into a creative outlet. On December 11 when Venus conjuncts Pluto, the planet of power, do something soulful to release passionate tensions.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Review your creative strategy this month. Use the Venus-Pluto conjunction on December 11 to brainstorm impactful, out-of-the-box campaign ideas and related designs. How can you make new users fall in love with your branding?


August Astrology Horoscopes Libra

Your ideas and the way you communicate them has undergone a massive transformation since 2020, Libra. But, come the December 4 solar eclipse, the very literal “mind fuck” you’ve been going through for the last year and a half will finally come to a close. On or around this total solar eclipse in Sagittarius it would be an interesting time to evaluate just how much your beliefs and worldview has changed. Have a conversation with an old friend who’s known you for years to get some perspective on the shift from an external point of view. When Venus goes retrograde in your 4th house of home, family and roots on December 19, you’ll be thinking about family dynamics. Working on your relationships with your family during the holidays can be tender so go easy on yourself. For a harmony-loving sign like you, push yourself to look at the not-so-nice parts of your relationships with family members directly. Sometimes being honest with yourself about how something made you feel is all it takes.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

With Venus retrograding through your 4th house of roots, you should focus on evaluating your overall growth strategy. Is it time to throw out existing channels and creative strategies in the name of the new? Start making a list of new areas of growth to test for 2022.


August Astrology Horoscopes Scorpio

Money matters will be on your mind at the beginning of the month, Scorpio. With the December 4 solar eclipse activating your 2nd house of resources, how you value the money you make and how that affects your sense of self-worth will be a focus. That being said, with this eclipse ending a cycle we’ve been working with since 2020, it will also feel like you’ve finally done the work to cleanse your relationship with money. No longer are you eclipsed by money scarcity and fears about debt. Once Venus goes retrograde on December 19, communication in day-to-day relationships and especially your relationships with siblings will be a focus. Are you finding yourself having trouble relating to people you interact with on a daily basis? It might be time to prune some relationships in the name of quietude and a fresh perspective.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Cut the noise this month as much as possible, Scorpio. That might be pushing for fewer meetings and more solo work time. Growth strategy-wise review your push notification and retargeting strategy. You don’t want to annoy users with unrelenting messages. Use blacklists and capping mechanisms to prioritize quality over quantity.


August Astrology Horoscopes Sagittarius

It’s been a year and half of growth and transformation, Sagittarius! Not only is the sun in your 1st house of self this month but we will also be having a total solar eclipse in your sign on December 4. This eclipse officially ends an eclipse cycle we’ve been working with on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis since 2020. Take December 4 to review all the ways you’ve changed since 2020. This might include physical changes to how you look and also your overall personality. You’ve grown so much — congratulations are in order! When Venus in Capricorn retrogrades on December 19, be careful of overspending. It’s easy to break the bank in the name of brilliant gifts for your loved ones during the holiday season but be mindful not to confuse price with worth. Instead, give the ones you love the gift of your time and attention.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Watch your campaign spend closely this month, Sagittarius. With Venus retrograding through your 2nd house of resources, there can be a risk of overspending. Review our holiday ecommerce growth guide for cost-effective ways to capitalize on the gift giving season without going over budget.


August Astrology Horoscopes Capricorn

It’s been quite a journey of learning, loss and discovery for you, Capricorn, since 2020. It’s time to congratulate yourself on all the work you’ve done and review everything you’ve learned. Why? Because with the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4, you’re closing a chapter in which you’ve gone deep into your subconscious and faced your fears. Now that we’re headed into an eclipse cycle on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, there will be new growth challenges ahead; albeit, ones much less psychologically strenuous (I promise). When Venus goes retrograde in your sign on December 19, review your relationships and step back from the ones that don’t bring value to your life. This means forgoing any transactional approaches to relationships. Remember: there’s nothing more valuable than thoughtful, emotional support; not even the access, status or material resources someone can provide.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Focus some energy on reviewing your organic growth strategy this month, Capricorn. How can you set up a long term content strategy that naturally attracts users over time? Remember that content strategies take time to build and should focus on meeting users wherever they are across channels and devices.


August Astrology Horoscopes Aquarius

It’s time to close the chapter on negotiations with friends and communication breakdowns, Aquarius! With the December 4 total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, you’re opening a new period of connection with community that feels more aligned to your authentic self. Notice what friends you’re resonating with the most on or around the eclipse and how those relationships have changed since 2020. Venus will be going retrograde in your 12th house of the subconscious on December 19. This will give you an opportunity to look further into the aspects of relationships and intimacy that sometimes trigger your insecurities. Shadow work is just that: work. Arm yourself with the emotional support, wellness routines and coping mechanisms to go deeper.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

Building a community around your app is one of the most effective ways at maintaining an engaged user base. Revisit community initiatives this month. This might include starting a Facebook Group, launching social media challenges or simply adding a  comments section to your blog.


August Astrology Horoscopes Pisces

The beginning of the month will have you focused on your career aspirations, Pisces! With the December 4 solar eclipse in Sagittarius activating your 10th house of higher purpose, you might be coming to a new understanding of what success means to you. This can be uncomfortable; especially if you are currently in a career path that is unfulfilling. Start talking to your network and brainstorming ways to proceed in your career. Venus will be going retrograde in your 11th house of community and friends on December 19. Take a pause before you get frustrated that you can’t use your network to make the changes you see fit. Rather than a time to make rash career moves, now is the time to go inward and envision what you want your career to look like going forward. Start with the community. Do you want to work with people who are creative, analytical, etc.? Would you rather be on a team or work as an individual contributor? Dream up your ideal career community first. From there, the way forward will be clear.

How to apply this December horoscope to your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s time for a refresh of your growth KPIs. Much has happened since 2020 and it might be time to re-evaluate what is really possible and profitable for your app now. Don’t try to fit your app into a box built pre-pandemic. Is growth or retention the main goal now?

Need Help Aligning Your Growth Strategy with the Stars?

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