FAQ About App Marketing

Anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks

The time it takes to see the results is based on many parameters on a case-by-case basis, dependent on specifics such as the size of the app and goals.

  • Data is secured and protected in data silos
  • Customer data is used solely for your campaigns
  • We are GDPR compliant – YouAppi is a processor of data and not a controller
  • YouAppi is officially certified as compliant by IAB tech lab
  • YouAppi is already a trusted partner by the worlds’ largest brands such as Sam’s Club, Lemonade, Orange Games, Olymp Trade, Kiwi.com

YouAppi works with DMPs such as LiveRamp, MParticle, and many others. We can integrate with additional DMPs in order to streamline cooperative mobile app ad efforts.

Depending on specifics such as the campaign, audience, and goals, we adjust the type of ad we use. For complete details on all our ad specs, visit: http://support.youappi.com/. Here are some examples of the creatives we can provide:

  • Interstitial ads - users are served a full-screen ad, either static, or video during natural transition points in the app. Interstitials can be rewarded. 
  • Banner ads - this is the most popular mobile ad format, according to the MMA. The banner ad uses a “banner” at the top or bottom of the screen with text and graphics. Banner ads have very little space to provide detailed information and are best for characterizing the brand in a few words.

Top Performing Banner Ad Sizes

300×250 – Medium rectangle

336×280 – Large rectangle

728×90 – Leaderboard

300×600 – Half page or large skyscraper

320×50 – Mobile leaderboard

  • Native ads - these types of ads blend in like chameleons, trying to look like the environment they’re being served in. For example, they can be served in-game, in-feed (shopping), or in-feed (content). These ads deliver high engagement with the viewer, support branding recognition, and get your company (or, for example, the user’s recently stocked shopping cart item) to the top of users’ minds.
  • Video ads - we offer different specifications for app re-engagement ads versus user acquisition ads. Full screen video ads are also called transition ads, inter-commercial ads, and splash pages. A full range of direct in-app inventory is available including full-screen, rewarded, programmatic, outstream (in-banner video), and custom content.

YouAppi is a different platform. You're not bidding in the same way on all of the same users (at least, not at the same time or in the same context). YouAppi offers complete transparency and visibility into the exchange, apps, placement, creative, and strategy.

  1. We do head-to-head testing with the same user base.
  2. We recommend clients run campaigns with 2-3 partners (outside of Google, Facebook, or Twitter).
  3. We can use separate data sets in order to not have overlap with the competitors (if preferred).

YouAppi’s AI-powered, proprietary technology works with advanced algorithms to improve user engagement, retention, and click-out rate by strategically targeting the right audience segment with the right message or offer.

  • Cross vertical - YouAppi has a proven track record of successful campaigns with premium brands in any vertical
  • Full reporting transparency
    • Passing any level of data, dynamically, through the trackers
    • Access to real-time campaign data in personalized dashboard
    • Cohort and raw data reporting
  • BI services, Service free of charge
    • Reporting API on real-time passing the data directly to your internal analytic system
    • Support with manual reporting of impressions, click logs, win & bid rates
  • Custom audience builder - with real-time data processing and granular profile segmentation. Service free of charge.
  • Proprietary technology - built on top of different supply sources including direct programmatic connections to the biggest SSPs and YouAppi's SDK publishers. We can leverage this into a higher success rate in terms of matching and converting your users in both scale & quality.
  • CPA optimization - allows us to optimize accordingly and hit your KPIs within 4 weeks.
  • Real-time incrementality testing - allows us to quickly measure the impact on your dormant users and increase your overall revenue in real time!
  • Dynamic creative optimization - the creative and messaging updates itself according to the action you want these groups of users' to perform (personalized ads with product feed re-engagement).
  • Creative Studio - incredibly useful for formatting and creating ad assets, especially with product feed re-engagement. We can design videos, native ads and banners in all sizes. Service free of charge.

Retargeting applies to an active user who initiated but did not go through the entire user experience while re-engagement refers to a dormant user strategy. Both retargeting and re-engagement refer to existing users who have the app installed. 

Let's take a live example. Your company is running two separate campaigns:

  1. Retargeting addresses users that made an initial install but did not continue further into the user experience, i.e. after install, they did not then perform, for example: a first-time order, purchase, registration, or action.   

>>More details: The user downloads and opens the app, but he has rarely returned to browse or purchase. In-app advertising reminds the user of his interest. The user clicks to return to the app to review the specific product, order, or aspect of the app where they are likely to browse or purchase - driving conversion of an active user, a few days after the install, for instance. 

  1. Re-engagement addresses users that have already performed certain actions but have not been active for a given time frame.

>>More details: YouAppi identifies the users who are likely to re-engage based on their behavior and find the users wherever they are. YouAppi delivers engaging offers, based on individual user intent and ensures the best performing creative is displayed. YouAppi brings the user back to relevant content (e.g. via deep-linking) within your app.

***The amount of time and the amount of actions, purchases, registrations, app opens, etc. can be defined.***

  • Re-engagement increases awareness and in-app conversions, sign-ups, purchases so you can activate, convert and retain users.
  • It’s 5-10 times less expensive to re-engage existing users than to acquire a new user
  • Re-engagement boosts app user retention: it increases app visit frequency, awareness, and decreases churn.
  • App retargeting campaigns increased revenue by 63% in 2019. -AppsFlyer

We work with a flexible model so that we can adjust the CPM rate to improve performance and see the best results.

Effective cost per action per in-app event (total cost divided by the number of times the event in question was recorded). This calculation is event-specific to the KPI or goal of the client.

  • Retargeting KPIs include:
    • CPO - cost per order
    • ROAS - return on advertising spend
  • Re-engagement KPIs include:
    • LTV - lifetime value

  • We can measure the incremental increase a.k.a. lift generated in any key metrics:
    • Revenue 
    • Conversion rate
    • User LTV
  • Lift Analysis proves incrementality –  we run a test and control group.
  • Always-on lift measurement:
    1. intent-to-treat
    2. ghost bid testing

Regarding incrementality:

  1. Goal: to analyze the incremental lift in different KPIs such as conversion rate, conversion velocity, between Control and Test Group to prove the efficacy of retargeting with our internal and free tool.
    • Measure the lift generated in a key metric (like in-app purchase) because of the advertising campaign.
    • Measure, compare, and analyze how the campaign has increased user purchase rate. 
  1. Methodology: comparing purchase behavior of users who are shown an ad (Test group) vs. users who are not exposed to an ad (Control Group).
    • Real-Time User Split – “Audience Randomization” technology to automatically split users in Control and Test group in real time. About 90% of the users are added to the Test Group and 10% to the Control Group.
    • The selection process considers users from all segment groups.
    • Dynamic Audience Segmentation: 
      • The audience engine further segments both Test and Control group users into granular cohorts based on purchase funnel position, visit recency, frequency.

We accept payments over the course of 30 days and typically in ACH transfers.

We have invested millions in proprietary fraud detection. YouAppi has a certificate of patent for its App-Scanner system (Patent No. 249979) under the title of invention: System and method for monitoring electronic content. Among other things, the App-Scanner enables YouAppi to monitor the flow of control messages during the ad serving process and detect, and then prevent, a wide range of fraud cases.

We continuously monitor and test for malware apps, responsible for click injection and alert our data scientists to examine suspicious sources. YouAppi is also a TAG “Certified Against Fraud” member and works with a number of other fraud protection partners.

We have several ways to ensure the highest quality of our in-app advertising.

  1. Automated optimizations by a proprietary algorithm
  2. Comprehensive manual monitoring from our account management team
    • This involves frequent updates to strategy and campaign adjustments based on your KPI; typically, we operate under a combination of CVR and CPA goals. 
    • We monitor events and KPIs based on data given to us by the MMP (Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Branch, and integration with many others) 
  3. Publisher quality control
    • We collaborate directly with the publisher teams to improve the quality of campaigns

YouAppi provides reports and dashboard access supported by phone calls with your dedicated mobile app marketing specialist.