The mobile marketing landscape is perpetually evolving, with new technologies and platforms reshaping how brands engage with their audiences. In this dynamic environment, adopting a full-funnel approach to mobile marketing is crucial. Leveraging insights from Affle's mobile advertising platforms: Appnext, Jampp, and mediasmart, we've compiled a comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of mobile marketing today — from app discovery and user acquisition to cross-channel campaign management and user retention.

App Discovery with Appnext

“In today's app marketplace, developers face a constant uphill battle: cutting through the noise to get their apps discovered, attracting valuable users, and keeping them engaged,” said Danny Tuttnauer, COO at Appnext. Appnext, a leading app discovery platform, addresses these challenges head-on by forging partnerships with top OEM brands, mobile operators, and app developers. This lets Appnext’s partners get their apps and services directly to the devices of relevant users at the right moment. What’s more, Appnext’s AI-powered recommendation engine, "Appnext Timeline," offers real-time recommendations tailored to users' daily mobile journeys. This not only boosts app visibility but also enhances user engagement by delivering relevant app suggestions at the right moments.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Challenge: Cutting through the noise in a crowded marketplace.
  • Solution: Appnext offers a leading app discovery platform, utilizing AI-powered recommendation engine, "Appnext Timeline." This tool serves contextual and personal recommendations to ensure apps reach their target audience effectively. An example: if a user has searched for local pizza delivery, they're served with recommendations for food delivery apps.

Strategies for Enhancing Visibility in a Crowded Marketplace:

  • Leverage on-device app recommendations to boost discovery.
  • Utilize behavioral analytics and real-time data for targeted recommendations.

User Acquisition with Jampp

As we’ve written before, the rapid rise of Connected TV (CTV) is shifting user acquisition strategies and performance marketing as a whole. Jampp, a pioneer in mobile marketing technology, has embraced this trend, integrating CTV into their solutions to provide their partners with comprehensive growth strategies. As noted by Karl Berta, VP of Sales, North America at Jampp, “Thanks to the latest technology and integration with top MMPs, now mobile advertisers can leverage CTV for performance marketing too. When a user sees a CTV ad for an app and then installs or opens that app, we can track that interaction, and we can effectively measure the impact of CTV ads through trusted industry partners like Adjust and AppsFlyer.”

Moreover, Jampp has upgraded its platform to navigate the challenges posed by privacy regulations and the deprecation of IDFA. Their changes focus on providing SKAdNetwork support and contextual data-driven optimizations. These efforts underscore the importance of transparency, privacy-first initiatives, and a solid creative strategy in today's user acquisition landscape.

Trends and Platform upgrades:

  • Trend: The rise of Connected TV (CTV) as a key channel for performance marketing.
  • Platform upgrade : With cutting-edge technology and trusted MMP integrations, Jampp makes real-time data and cross-device targeting come together to help app marketers reach new users across screens.

Pillars of Successful User Acquisition:

  1. Transparency: Working with fully programmatic growth partners to access full visibility into campaigns, audiences and creatives in real-time. Ultimately, this helps marketers stay on top of their ad spend, conversions and ROAS, and ensure sustainable growth.
  2. Privacy-First Initiatives: Embracing frameworks like SKAdNetwork for compliant user acquisition, allowing marketers to reach users who opt out of ATT — about 71% of iOS audiences.
  3. Creative Strategy: Diversifying and testing high-converting ad formats such as multi product ads, playable ads, and SKOverlay. An efficient creative strategy will help you identify which ad formats and features work best for your mobile business.

Cross-Channel Campaign Management with mediasmart

Omnichannel marketing is becoming increasingly crucial in the marketplace. Following this, mediasmart emphasizes the importance of providing consistent and seamless experiences across different touchpoints. “Omnichannel marketing allows advertisers to provide consistent and seamless experiences across different touchpoints, which is critical for captivating the modern, connected consumer,” said Taísa Pereira, LATAM Director at mediasmart.

By leveraging data analytics, omnichannel strategies enable advertisers to deliver resonant messages at the optimal time and place. This enhances customers' experience and conversion rates. mediasmart's technology centralizes audiences, allowing advertisers to follow users on their consumer journeys and target them effectively across screens. This approach not only expands reach but also fosters seamless customer experiences, facilitating real-time cross-screen measurement and optimization for increased engagement and ROI.

Benefits of Diverse Channels:

  • Expanded reach and seamless customer experiences through integrated programmatic advertising strategies.
  • Cross-screen measurement and optimization increase user engagement and ROI.

Future Trends:

  • Shoppable content and consent-based marketing are emerging as key trends.
  • Programmatic selling of CTV and DOOH placements offers real-time measurement and optimization opportunities.

App Retargeting with YouAppi

In a successful mobile marketing strategy, app retargeting is a critical thread for re-engaging users and maximizing the lifetime value of your audience. “Our team at YouAppi leverages sophisticated retargeting strategies to recapture the attention of an app's users, encouraging them to revisit and engage more deeply with the product. Through a combination of data-driven insights and creative engagement techniques, we help brands stay top of mind for their audiences, driving retention, revenue, and lifetime value,” said [Name], [Title] at YouAppi.

Engagement and Retargeting Techniques:

  • Personalized Campaigns. Utilizing rich user data, YouAppi crafts personalized retargeting campaigns that resonate with individual user preferences and behaviors. This significantly boosts re-engagement rates.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization. By dynamically tailoring ad creatives based on user behavior, YouAppi ensures each user gets the most relevant and compelling content. This fosters a higher likelihood of app re-engagement.
  • Cross-Platform Retargeting. Recognizing the multi-device journey of today's users, YouAppi implements cross-platform retargeting strategies. This ensures users get consistent messaging across all their devices, from mobile to desktop and beyond.
  • Performance Analytics. With a keen eye on performance, YouAppi provides actionable insights and analytics. This allows for continuous optimization of retargeting efforts based on real-time user engagement data.

By integrating app retargeting into the full funnel mobile marketing strategy, brands can reactivate lapsed users and also significantly enhance user lifetime value. This is an indispensable strategy in a mobile marketer's arsenal.


Navigating the full funnel of mobile marketing requires a nuanced understanding of the user journey. Embracing diverse channels, ensuring privacy compliance, and employing creative, data-driven strategies are essential for success in this ever-changing landscape. By leveraging the technologies and insights provided by Appnext, Jampp, and mediasmart, brands can adopt a comprehensive approach to mobile marketing.

  • Full Funnel Approach: A nuanced understanding of the user journey from discovery to retention is crucial for mobile marketing success.
  • App Discovery with Appnext: Utilizing AI-powered recommendations to enhance app visibility and user engagement in a crowded marketplace.
  • User Acquisition with Jampp: Testing CTV and privacy-focused strategies to drive quality app user growth at scale
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Management with mediasmart: Leveraging omnichannel marketing for consistent user experiences across touchpoints, enhancing engagement and ROI.
  • App Retargeting with YouAppi: Implementing personalized, data-driven retargeting strategies to re-engage users and maximize lifetime value.


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