Though it seems like ages ago, back in March of 2020 when desks, chairs, and monitors started going out of stock as a surge of former office workers began creating make-shift offices in their living rooms. Almost one year later, and the WFH trend has evolved into an era. With many companies opting for more flexibility to accommodate WFH, productivity increased as a result. It is clear that the virtual work environment isn’t going anywhere, likely even post-pandemic. 

Now that the WFH lifestyle has been cemented, companies that formerly relied on in-person meetings and events to engage their clients are wondering: Will we be able to have a similar level of interaction virtually? Think of this as a how-to guide for engaging clients while working remotely. 

Plan A Virtual Event

Events have always been a great way to engage existing clients and meet new prospects. While in-person events have been put on hold, the world (internet) is (still) your oyster when it comes to planning virtual events. 

Here with some inspiration and a few examples of events that will engage clients: Happy Hours, Webinars, Workout Classes, Cooking Classes. With a dash of creativity and the right resources, any brand can create a compelling virtual event to engage clients through fun, interactive, and educational methods. 

Catch Up Over Zoom Calls

With all the changes happening due to the pandemic, and the WFH shift, many clients may be faced with new difficulties not seen before. As clients work to find their own solutions, they will likely be interested in hearing how the brands they trust (you) are overcoming similar challenges. 

Setting a recurring designated zoom call (such as weekly or monthly) to discuss market changes and company updates will most certainly engage clients. At the same time, it will provide an opportunity to inform them about solutions you are implementing to the problems they are facing. 

Not to mention, having uninterrupted face-time with clients can also grow your personal connection with them, especially with pets and children peeking in the background of zoom calls!

Be Active On Social Media

There is no doubt that digital platform utilization has increased exponentially this past year. While building brand awareness via social media has been a crucial marketing tool for some time, in this tech-forward environment, it is more impactful than ever before to engage clients through social platforms. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage clients by posting unique content that will grab their interest.

Outside of your own content creation, engaging clients over social media can be as simple as sharing articles they will find interesting, or liking and commenting on their LinkedIn posts. This is especially effective at a time where the current number of global social networking users is 3.6 billion, a number which is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025 (Statista). 

Send Care Packages

Show clients you are thinking of them with a meaningful WFH gift. With clients spending more time at home, sending a thoughtful gift can serve as a great reminder that you appreciate them. Whether it be a holiday-specific gift, yummy treats or WFH apparel, the options are endless. For prospects or clients you are still getting to know, e-gift cards are a fun option too.


The work from home digital landscape does not have to be a limitation in building relationships with clients. Think creatively and practically about using technological solutions in this ever-changing digital atmosphere. Through interesting virtual events, designated zoom calls, creative social media utilization, and thoughtful care packages, you can engage clients in unique ways, leading to stronger client relationships.