YouAppi is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in app marketing: our groundbreaking CTV (Connected TV) retargeting solution, designed to redefine how app advertisers connect with their audiences on the biggest screen at home.

This cutting-edge solution will allow app advertisers to showcase their marketing message to their most valued or lapsed users on high impact CTV channels and measure the impact of their re-engagements for further optimization.

The Rise of Connected TV

The digital landscape is continuously evolving, with more consumers than ever engaging with content across multiple devices, including Connected TVs. While mobile devices still lead in the amount of minutes per day consumers spend on their smartphones, connected TV is rapidly rising in share of voice. In fact, according to eMarketer, in 2024, US adults will spend over 123 minutes — or, just over two hours — watching CTV. This is up from almost 115 minutes in 2023. While this pales in comparison to the almost 235 minutes ( four hours) US adults will spend on mobile devices, CTV is quickly closing the gap.

Source: eMarketer

With more eyeballs on CTV screens than ever before, CTV advertising has surged in ad revenue. According to Group M, CTV ad revenue rose 13.2% in 2023 to $25.9 billion. As more consumers shift towards streaming platforms, CTV has become a valuable space for advertisers to target their audience. What’s more, the rise of CTV ad spend is outpacing the decline of traditional linear TV ad spend in the U.S. This shows the increasing relevance of digital streaming platforms.

Market Need and Potential Revenue of CTV Retargeting

As more people shift from linear TV to connected TV streaming, advertisers are recognizing the value of reaching engaged viewers on CTV platforms. This is driving the demand for more targeted and personalized advertising strategies.

With CTV ad revenue growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4% worldwide until 2028, the potential revenue for both brands and game app developers from CTV retargeting is substantial.

Introducing YouAppi's CTV Retargeting Product

Recognizing this shift, YouAppi has developed a product that allows advertisers to retarget their mobile app users through CTV ads. This will enable brands to create a cohesive marketing strategy that bridges the gap between mobile and TV screens.

Key Features of YouAppi’s CTV Retargeting Product

  • Seamless Multi Screen Retargeting. By standing out on big screens while optimizing based on real-time measurement, our CTV retargeting solution ensures your brand captures attention like never before. It optimizes conversion rates by utilizing algorithms that consider over 35 variables on CTV, ensuring that every ad dollar is maximized for impact.
  • Smart Audience Segmentation. Reach your intended target audience more effectively by dynamically segmenting households based on interactions and retargeting them across devices. This capability ensures that brands’ ads are seen by their most relevant viewers, driving higher engagement and conversions.
  • Cross-Device Targeting. A unique feature of this product is its ability to target an audience made of device IDs (GAID/IDFAs) and/or IPs in a CTV campaign, allowing for sophisticated cross-device targeting and retargeting strategies. This is particularly useful in app marketing campaigns, where you can retarget households with users who have already installed your apps.
  • Real-Time Optimization & Attribution. Our solution integrates with major MMPs and supports A/B testing. This allows for real-time optimization towards KPIs across screens. While not all MMPs are able to attribute retargeting events for CTV to mobile app activities, we will guide and work with our customers to effectively measure the performance of these activities.

Why YouAppi's CTV Retargeting Product Stands Out

  • Enhanced Reach. Reach your mobile users on their CTV devices, unlocking expanded reach to your brand’s app retargeting campaigns.
  • Advanced Buying Methods. Utilize micro-bidding at the publisher level and various deal types to fine-tune your ad spend for the best outcomes.
  • Real-Time Measurement and Attribution. Track conversions and measure the impact of your ads on conversions, including assisted conversions, for a comprehensive understanding of your campaign's effectiveness.

YouAppi's CTV retargeting product will revolutionize how brands interact with their audiences, and made every campaign a memorable experience. With its multi-screen approach, advanced targeting capabilities, and real-time optimization, this product is set to become an essential tool in marketers’ arsenal.


How YouAppi’s CTV Retargeting Product Fulfills a Market Need:

  • Seamless Retargeting. YouAppi's CTV retargeting product bridges the gap between mobile and TV screens, enabling cohesive and impactful cross-device marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced Targeting. The product’s sophisticated features, including smart audience segmentation and cross-device targeting, allow for more effective and personalized ad campaigns.
  • Optimization and Efficiency. With real-time optimization and integration with major MMPs, advertisers can maximize every ad dollar spent by adjusting strategies based on performance metrics.
  • Comprehensive Measurement. The ability to track conversions and measure the impact of ads, including assisted conversions, provides invaluable insights into campaign effectiveness.
  • Multiplatform Engagement. By leveraging the power of both CTV and mobile platforms, brands can significantly boost user re-engagement and conversion rates.


Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

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