Happy July, Star Gazers, and welcome to another round of Appstrology monthly horoscopes! Astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, gives the key astrology for the month to help you better market your app and live in alignment with the stars. Read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data.


Happy July Aries and welcome to a month of creativity! With Mars transiting your 5th house of imagination, romance and risk-taking, passionate tempers may flare this month. This will especially be the case at the beginning of July when Mars opposes Saturn in your 11th house of friends and squares Uranus in your 2nd house of finances. Professionally and/or personally you might find your creative ideas tested by friends or colleagues at the beginning of the month. On July 3 when Mars squares Uranus, watch your temper, especially when it comes to money matters. You might find yourself craving financial independence or having an urge to make an impulsive purchase decision around this time.

Check in with your family on July 9 as the New Moon will fall in your 4th house of home. Are there new dynamics you would like to build in your family life? This will be a lunation of radical new beginnings. Use the energy to kick off a new chapter of relating to your nearest and dearest.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s a good month to workshop and fight for your creative ideas, Aries! In the wake of changing iOS14.5+ targeting regulations, revamp your creative strategy. With granular, A/B testing harder to do than before, aim to design creatives that resonate with a broader, more diverse audience. Fight for the strategies you believe in and don’t be surprised if you get challenged by teammates or higher ups. As much as budget conversations might have you seeing red at the beginning of the month, keep your temper in check and don’t make any rash actions.


Family matters will take center stage for you this month, Taurus, with Mars transiting your 4th house of home. Mars will also be making challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of the month. What does this mean, exactly? Expect some tough conversations with family or events that affect the existing structure of your home life. This may include the need to relocate, or build healing boundaries with your family members. Notice if you feel penned in by your family or living situation. Are you itching to break free from current dynamics?

The sun will be illuminating your 3rd house of communication for most of the month so watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to (especially in conversations with family). Exercise the one breath rule this month: before you react, take a breath. Matters at home should iron out by July 12 when Venus conjuncts Mars, prompting a desire to balance out your relationships. Do you feel like you give more than you receive when it comes to your family? Take the time to reflect on whether you feel appreciated at home and express your needs if necessary.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This is a good month to take a deep look at the back end of your app and challenge the status quo if needed. Have you been meaning to update your app’s functionality? Is it time to revamp your technical support? Challenges to your app’s system may occur at the beginning of the month that propel these concerns so brace yourself for system crashes or technical issues the first week of July. Before you tear down everything you’ve built and start over, take a breath and think about what you can build upon. Communicate issues directly and acknowledge fault in the name of building a deeper emotional connection with your users this month.


Calm communication is the name of the game this month, Gemini, with Mars transiting your 3rd house of communication and making challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of the month. Notice if your ideas feel challenged and how it might result in an impulsive need to break free from the status quo. It’s never easy to feel like your ideas are wrong. Before you react, remember that challenges might propel you to greater expansion. How might your thinking be myopic or one-sided? The Sun will be shining in your 2nd house of finances so money matters may also come up this month. Take note of new channels of revenue on or around the New Moon on July 9. This would also be a good time to revamp your budgeting or savings strategy in the name of new, healthier financial habits.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Review your push strategy, in-app copy and app store verbiage this month, Gemini. Make sure your communications about the IDFA are clear to your users and align with Apple’s ATT framework. It’s a frustrating time for mobile marketers with Apple and Google often giving confusing guidelines about their changing data restrictions. Before you get mad about the current state of uncertainty, make a list of things you can control in your app’s growth strategy. Consider moving more ad spend to Android on or around the July 9 New Moon in the name of greater financial control.


Happy Birthday month, Cancer! This month is dedicated to YOU and the mastery you have at emotionally connecting and supporting the ones you love. Along with being one of the most nurturing signs of the Zodiac, you are also the most emotionally generous. All signs stand to learn from your keen understanding of compassion, kindness and love. This month, the Sun will be shining in your 1st house of identity, so get ready to attract some much-deserved attention!

Money matters will also be a theme this month, with fiery Mars transiting your 2nd house of finances. Mars will also be making tough aspects to both Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of the month. These aspects will challenge you to revamp your spending habits in the name of greater financial security and independence. Make a list of goals and manifestations on or around the July 9 New Moon which will fall in your 1st house. This would be a fine time to undertake changes to your appearance or start a new physical fitness routine.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Focus on reviewing and revamping your brand identity this month, Cancer. This includes your logo, colors and company blurb. If you want to go even deeper, evaluate your core values and mission statement. Do these brand assets continue to align with your app’s activities and user base today? If money becomes a challenge this month, make some decisions about exploring new channels of revenue or funding on or around the July 9 New Moon.


Welcome to a fiery month, Leo! With Mars, the planet of action and anger transiting your 1st house of self, you might feel feistier than usual. With Mars making challenging aspects to both Saturn and Uranus at the top of the month, expect to feel challenged by your relationships both professionally and personally this month. This will likely include tense interactions and possibly arguments with romantic partners, colleagues and/or managers.

The Sun will be shining in your 12th house of deep feelings and personal undoing, which can be uncomfortable to say the least. Before you get distressed, here are some questions to consider this month: are there dynamics in your relationships that feel inhibiting to your growth? How might you be feeding into those dynamics in a way that keeps yourself from getting what you really want? The New Moon on July 9 will have you feeling reflective and ready to end chapters in the name of new beginnings. Transformation is truly within reach this month, Leo, if you put your head down and do the inner work.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

“No fighting!” might be a good slogan for your team this month, Leo. With Mars transiting your 1st house, disagreements are likely. Recommit to the “customer is always right” mantra and remind your CS team to handle frustrated users with care. In the name of clearer, more compassionate communication with your users, review your app FAQs and Help page to ensure that you are set up for success in the event that things break down. Schedule a bonding team building event to proactively handle internal flare ups that could come up this month.


It’s a good time to lean on your friends this month, Virgo, with the Sun shining in your 11th house of community. It will also be a good idea to look for support from your friends with Mars transiting your 12th house of self-undoing, deep emotion and spirituality this month. Challenges to your health as well as your current belief system could be themes at the beginning of this month.

Overall, you’re meant to feel a little in the dark this month. Why? Because when planets are transiting through the 12th house, it means it’s time to look at your deepest, darkest shadow self in the name of breaking outmoded patterns. With both Mars and Venus transiting your 12th house at points in July, themes around giving and receiving, relationship imbalances and secrets will be on deck. Focus on prioritizing your mental and emotional health needs and ask for your help from your friends when you need it.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Get by with a little help from your friends this month, Virgo. Ask your users what would make their app experience better or what product updates they would like to see. Crowdsource ideas internally as well. Schedule an all-team meeting to brainstorm growth ideas for Q3. Open up feedback to other teams as well. You never know what bright ideas you can glean from people with a more objective, removed perspective.


Friends and group dynamics will be a focus this month, Libra, with Mars transiting your 11th house of community for most of July. At the beginning of the month, when Mars makes challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus, notice how you feel in your community. Does it feel like you can’t express your authentic self, opinions or feelings?

Now, before you go and break up with everyone, make a list of values you would like to be seen for on or around the New Moon on July 9. This lunation as well as the Sun shining in your 10th house of career for most of July will have you focusing on your public life and the ways in which you show up in the world. Remember: lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Rather than getting caught up in the drama, focus that energy on making money moves and investing in your career this month.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With group dynamics highlighted this month, it’s a good time to review your team’s performance. Are their structural changes that could be made to improve the communication and coordination within your team? Personalities drive teams and also team dynamics. Clearly and objectively review the personalities on your team and how they do or don’t relate well with each other. Making team changes or adding checks and balances to your decision-making processes could be the simple fixes you need.


There will be powerful themes at play in your career this month, Scorpio. Mars will be transiting your 10th house of career, making tense aspects to Saturn and Uranus at the top of the month. If your work life has felt overbearing and consuming of late, this is your chance to break free. Whether that’s to leave your current job completely or make some drastic changes to your workflow, is up to you. Be honest about whether your current career path makes you happy. There’s so much more to life than power and status. It might be time to remind yourself of what fulfills you outside of success at work.

With the Sun shining in your 9th house of beliefs and expansion for most of the month, it would be a good time to take or plan a trip. On a soul level, review your beliefs and tap into what you really value in life. A spiritual awakening could be in order.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

The individuals who get into the mobile performance marketing space are generally adrenaline junkies but even the most stimuli-seeking of us can get tired. Put the ROI KPI alphabet soup of goals for your app to rest for a minute. Why are you in this industry and what about it drives ROI for YOU? Consider brand initiatives and offline channels of marketing that shift your focus back to the basics of marketing: Who is your audience, where do they go for information and how can you engage them?


An examination of your beliefs and values is in order this month, Sagittarius, with Mars transiting your 9th house of expansion. Challenges to your current beliefs, especially from people in positions of authority should be expected at the beginning of the month when Mars makes challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus. Allow yourself and your opinions about the world to be transformed. On the Cancer New Moon on July 9, make a list of all the things in your life that you’re not so sure about anymore. This might include your political, religious, social and spiritual beliefs. Discomfort is key here and the gateway to enlightenment. Ever heard the quote from Oscar Wilde: “I’m not young enough to know everything”. If not knowing everything is a sign of wisdom then how wise are you?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Along with being the house of expansion and beliefs, the 9th house is also the house of publishing, broadcasting and advertising. With Mars transiting the 9th house this month and making challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus throughout, you might find your current mobile marketing strategy going through a drastic re-calibration. Is the trend towards greater data restrictions creating waves in your app growth plans? Look into building a long-term data strategy that can stand the test of time and Big Tech’s fluctuations. How can your app access more first-party data to be more independent overall?


Happy July Capricorn! The Sun will be lighting up your 7th house of relationships for most of the month. This means relationships and especially conflict resolution in relationships will be a theme. This is because Mars will be activating your 8th house of transformation, other people’s resources and deep feelings. If you are partnered, you might encounter tense confrontations about money and/or emotional imbalances at the beginning of the month. What do you give, what do you get and how does that make you feel? Prioritize your relationship needs on or around the July 9 New Moon when you’ll have an opportunity to build a fresh start in your relationship. If you are unpartnered, this month will prompt you to examine your fears around union and the sharing of resources. What’s holding you back from being open to intimate connection? What do you fear losing?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Review your growth partnerships this month, Capricorn. Do your current attribution, data and creative design partners align with your needs? If a partnership has felt one-sided of late, it might be time to make some changes. If your product has grown recently and you’re in need of partnerships to support you, this month would be a good time to do some shopping.


A focus on routine and wellness will be a theme, Aquarius, with the Sun shining in your 6th house of health for most of the month. You might feel called to start a new fitness or nutrition regimen or start seeing a therapist. Make a list on or around the July 9 New Moon of your Q3 health goals.

Relationship dynamics will also be a focus with Mars transiting your 7th house of partnerships at the beginning of the month. Some things to think about: how does your relationship support or diminish your feeling of independence? How does your relationship function in your family structure? With Mars in challenging aspects with both Saturn and Uranus at the beginning of the month, the tension between “Me vs. We” will be a focus. Are there ways you could give more of yourself to your relationship to balance out the dynamic? Are there ways you could give less of yourself to your relationship to feel more fulfilled? Instead of fighting about it, look inward.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Invest in upgrading your work processes this month and onboarding project management partners and tools if needed. How can you use technology to collaborate more effectively and efficiently with your team? Focus on wellness and implementing mental and emotional health breaks in your workflow. Sometimes a mid-afternoon yoga class is more effective at enhancing your productivity than scrambling to complete your to-do list.


It’s a creative time for you, Pisces, with the Sun shining through your 5th house of passion and play for most of the month! Enroll in an art class or start a new hobby. You might even find yourself embarking on a new romance this month. Physical activity will also be important with Mars transiting your 6th house of health and wellness. Make sure to focus on fitness this month as you will have lots of energy to burn. That said, be careful of taking physical risks that might lead to injuries at the beginning of the month. If mental wellness is more top of mind, July would also be a good time to link up with a therapist. Examine your self-talk and areas of improvement in the way you communicate about yourself to yourself.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Consider designing new creatives for Q3 that also confront the new data restrictions of iOS14.5+. With A/B testing  not as simple as before, design creatives to appeal to a broader audience. Consider dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and product feeds to promote your app. You might not be able to target specific images to specific users at specific times as easily as before but you can still show your most popular products and services on a rotating basis to engage users.