As part of our ongoing Stargazer Series, we are proud to announce the launch of monthly mobile horoscopes! Each month, astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, will give a monthly forecast and mobile marketing recommendation for each sign.

What do the stars have in store for you and your mobile strategy this month? Read the horoscopes below to find out. Make sure to read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data.



Happy March Aries! The first half of this month, the sun will be shining in your 12th house of endings before moving into your 1st house of self on March 21. What does this mean for you? You might find this month that you’re tying up loose ends at work or in your personal life. This could include secrets coming to light that make you realize that it’s time to end things and start anew.

This reassessment could cause some flare ups in your life on or around March 24 when your planetary ruler, Mars, will be squared by Mercury in your 3rd house of communication. Contentious speech and angry and/or confused thinking could be themes that day, either at work or at-home (watch out for arguments with siblings or neighbors specifically). General advice: watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

If you have tried valiantly to make a channel, partner or strategy work and it’s still not working, about mid-March is the time to cut your losses and start something new. Flare ups at work on or around March 24 are a potential. That said, make sure to handle any internal frustrations you might have with compassion. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work and the worst outcome is a team falling apart because of a heated exchange. As the sun continues to move through your sign after March 21 and into April, you’ll be feeling like your old happy-go-lucky self again. In the meantime, remember: Illegitimi non carborundum (“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”)



“Kumbaya!” might be the mantra of your March, dear Taurus, with the sun shining in your 11th house of community and dreams for the majority of the month. Until March 21, your planetary ruler, Venus, will also be very close to the sun in Pisces, giving you even more potential for harmonious interactions with your friends and community. This month would be a wonderful time to make new friends or to start or join a group that shares your interests. This could include joining a book club, volunteering for a cause you care about or starting a weekly zoom call with your closest friends.

Towards the end of the month on March 26, these new associations could inspire deep personal transformation when the Sun and Venus conjunct in your 12th house of spirituality and endings. Let yourself be transformed!

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Feeling at a loss about what to try next in your mobile strategy? It’s time to call a friend! This would be a great month to attend a mobile marketing conference or event. Use Linkedin or other social networking opportunities to connect with people who might have the information that could help you out. The name of the game this month for you, Taurus, is community. In other words, look to your community for support, insights and inspiration when you feel stuck.



You’re sure to feel fired up this month, Gemini, with Mars transiting through your 1st house of self starting on March 5. Mars is the planet of ambition and drive. It’s also the planet of anger, so watch your temper this month. In this regard, a date to flag is March 24, when Mars will be squared by Mercury in your 1st house of personality. This could be expressed as an outburst toward someone or from someone else toward you. The benefit to this transit will be authentic, direct communication. The downside is that this direct communication could be had through an argument. For a light and bright sign like you, dear Gemini, flare ups like this are very uncomfortable!

Remember: arguments are healthy and can lead to greater understanding in the end. Take notice if you seem to be rubbing people the wrong way or getting into tense situations with others more easily this month. This could be a theme until April 23 when Mars finally leaves your sign.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Here’s a tip for the month: before you speak your mind, take a breath. This might help mitigate flare ups which could have an increased potential of occurring this month with Mars moving through your sign. It’s wonderful to feel passionately about a mobile goal or KPI, just make sure that you are not stepping on everyone's toes in your dogged quest to reach it. Remember, a goal isn’t worth it if you burn your entire team down in the pursuit of it.



This month will be a time of learning for you Cancer, with the Sun shining through your 9th house of expansion and philosophy. The New Moon on March 13 will be a particularly lovely time to start studying or attending a class on a topic that inspires you. This date would also be a lovely time to book future travel or a metaphysical experience (astrology reading, reiki session, etc.) that expands you in some way. In the lunar cycle, New Moons are a time to plant seeds for the future. What knowledge would you like to cultivate? The March 13 New Moon would be a wonderful time for you to plant seeds to grow pursuits that will nourish you spiritually and emotionally in 2021 and beyond.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With learning and expansion the theme of your month, Cancer, it will be a good time to explore new channels and strategies in March. Attend a webinar or workshop on a technology or tool you’ve been considering. Schedule time for a “lunch and learn” with a partner you trust on a campaign strategy you’ve been meaning to check out. It’s a time of exploratory thinking for you, so test all the unconventional, new strategies this month and let yourself envision new possibilities.



It’s a month of deep feeling for you Leo, with the Sun shining through your 8th house of fears and renewal. A question for you to answer this month: what are you afraid of? The 8th house is also the house of other people’s money so this could manifest as dread about debts, loans or other resources you may have borrowed in the past.

The full moon at the end of the month on March 28 will bring closure to a lot of events that have caused you angst of late. This will be a good day to reflect on how interactions with your day-to-day contacts, (that is, roommates, siblings or neighbors) have affected your overall outlook on life. How have your day-to-day associations affected your spiritual expansion and feelings of oneness with the world? Take the time to reflect on these questions on March 28 and get ready for a new chapter after this date.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Fears about budget could come up, especially if you feel as though your budget is not being spent wisely. Take this month to review your CPA closely across channels and evaluate areas where you might need to re-allocate spend. This is not necessarily because your CPA is bad, but more to assuage your fears this month. You’ll be more likely to worry about money and feel anxiety. Look your fears in the face so you can make the changes you need to. Be mindful of worrying for worrying’s sake this month, Leo.



You’ll be very much on display in your career this month, Virgo, with Mars moving through your 10th house. Whether it’s good or bad publicity, you will be getting noticed more at work. You’ll also feel fired up and ready to take on new challenges professionally. Keep in mind, this could also manifest as heated interactions at work. Be especially mindful of potential tensions between you and a co-worker on or around March 24. On this day, Mars will be squared by Mercury in your career sector. On this date, be mindful of what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.

The Full Moon at the end of the month will bring any debts or niggling financial matters to a close. This could also manifest as an authentic realignment of your finances to better reflect what you really value in life. Whatever it is, you’ll feel liberated from it after March 28.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With so much attention coming your way at work this month, it would be a good time to pitch new strategies or ask for more resources for existing campaigns! Regardless of whether the attention you get at work is good or bad, it will still put you center stage so use the mic strategically. The full moon at the end of the month will bring to a close any unresolved budgeting or billing issues you’ve had. As for the Full Moon on March 28 -- also the end of Q1 -- you will have a totally fresh start to re-organize your spend. Until then, stay consistent with the partners and channels you’re using and know that it will be clear what needs to be recalibrated by the end of the month.



It’s time to re-envision what you want in your work life, dear Libra! With the Sun and Venus shining in your 6th house of work life, routine and wellness, work-life balance and whether you are happy with your routine will be themes of your month. With Mars transiting through your 9th house of values, these thoughts will coincide with an overall look at your life path. Does your current day-to-day routine fulfill and inspire you? If the answer is no, you might find yourself taking major steps to realign your work life this month. This could be setting better boundaries at work or leaving a job altogether. By the full moon in your sign on March 28 you will see these changes come to fruition, whatever form they might take.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s time to remember what really matters in life - driving yourself crazy over your job is not one of them. No matter how passionate you are about your app’s growth, it’s not worth your sanity. If possible, try to take some days off work to get some perspective this month. Sometimes taking a break is the best way to build back inspiration and work more productively in the end. Mark March 28 as the date to take strides to recalibrate your job responsibilities if your reflection this month shows a clear need to set boundaries or walk away entirely.



The beginning of the month will be a fun-filled, creative time for you Scorpio, with the New Moon falling in your 5th house of pleasure. That said, the March 13 Full Moon would be a wonderful day to see friends, do something creative and prioritize FUN. You might even find yourself intersecting with a new love interest or passion around that date! Make sure to enjoy this day as later in the month your focus will turn to work matters when the Sun moves into your 6th house of routine on March 21.

In particular, on March 24 be mindful of your temper as Mars and Mercury will be squaring in your 8th house of fear and transformation. Take the time that day to consider whether something or someone is acting antagonistically toward you or triggering a deep-seated fear that has more to do with you than them.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

The March 13 New Moon is a great day to take some risks in your mobile marketing strategy. If there’s a campaign strategy, partner or channel you’ve been afraid to try, on or around March 13 is the time to throw caution to the wind. You’ll have better potential campaign outcomes at the beginning of the month so schedule A/B tests in the first half of March. Watch verbal flare ups on March 24 and make sure to look inward if something is causing you more frustration than it’s worth. Is there a deep-seated fear that might be aggravating your response? Once the Sun moves into Aries on March 21, err on the side of caution when it comes to spending.



For most of the month, there will be a focus on your home and family life, Sagittarius. With the Sun and Venus shining in your 4th house of home, you could find yourself revamping your home space or spending more time with family. If you’ve been considering a relocation, this may be a good time to move or start looking for a new home. It would also be a good time to revamp your home office space. Take the time to resolve any dysfunctional dynamics in your family life that might come up this month.

On March 24, be mindful of potential arguments with family and/or authority figures in your life. The Full Moon on March 28 will be a wonderful time to reflect on any challenges that arose and integrate them into a more harmonious approach to your home life.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This month you should focus on building community in your app for greater retention and user stickiness. Consider the ways your app does or does not create a “family” atmosphere for your users. Does your app’s features understand their needs? Does your content or messaging strategy speak to them authentically? If you have no idea where to start with these questions, ask your users. There’s nothing more effective at making your users feel heard than actually asking them how they feel.



It’s time to think about how you express your ideas, Capricorn, with the Sun transitioning through your 3rd house of communication. A day to make note of is the New Moon on March 13 which will light up your mind. Keep a notebook or note-taking app handy to write down original ideas that seem to pop in your head out of nowhere. This could also be a good day to schedule a brainstorming session about a work or personal project. As the 3rd house also rules speaking, March 13 could be an auspicious day to schedule presentations or other important meetings where you have to present your ideas to others.

There could be miscommunications with coworkers this month, especially on or around the time of March 24. On this day Mercury will square Mars in your 6th house of work life and routine. Be mindful of verbal flare ups and the ways in which you might be miscommunicating your expectations.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s time to evaluate your messaging strategy, including social media, push notifications and beyond. Consider all the ways you communicate with your users and evaluate the touchpoints that could use some improvement. Is your tone and brand message consistent across channels? Is there an area where you’re talking to your user but it’s clear they’re not listening? In a cookie-less, IDFA-less world, a solid content strategy will be evermore important. That said, constant content for the sake of content is not only annoying to the user but exhausting for you and your team. Make sure the conversations you’re having with your users are pointed in the direction of quality rather than quantity.



It’s been a wild ride of late for you Aquarius! The good news is that things will calm down this month as the Sun and Venus move out of your sign and into Pisces. You’re still going through a massive personal transformation, but you’ll notice the hubbub in your life subside a bit.

Matters on your mind might also shift to money this month with the March 13 New Moon falling in your 2nd house of resources. This might be a particularly good day for your finances as Venus will be in harmonious Pisces and conjunct the Sun and Moon. You could discover additional revenue streams around this time or realize that a personal passion or hobby could be monetized.

Use the Mars-Mercury square on March 13 to take action on new potential revenue streams that present themselves. As Mars will be moving through your 5th house of creativity, focus your energy on monetizing the hobbies that inspire you.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This is the month to evaluate if you need more money for your campaigns. On the flip side, it could also be the month where you decide you need less money for certain campaigns. Are there inflated areas of your budget that are setting up your KPIs for failure? Consider testing new revenue streams for your app. Taking risks to try out new channels or spending models will be in your favor after March 13.



Happy birthday Pisces! For most of March, the Sun will be shining in your 1st house of self. That said, this month is about YOU and all the ways you inspire others. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, compassion and oneness. All the signs of the Zodiac can (and should!) take inspiration in the way you compassionately advocate for others.

The March 13 New Moon will be your time to shine with the Sun, Moon and Venus in your sign. Celebrate that day by doing things that make you feel connected with the Universe. This could be meditating, taking a walk in nature or having a soulful conversation with a close friend. This would also be a magical day to set out your intentions for the year. New Moons are about planting seeds for the future. What outcomes do you want to achieve in 2021? Use the New Moon to dream and plant seeds for the future.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This month is the time to think of the BIG PICTURE and not get too hung up on the details. Does your app fulfill a distinct need in the market? Are there ways to differentiate your value prop to better fulfill your users’ goals? The March 13 New Moon is the time to set out your growth goals for 2021 and beyond. Start envisioning the best version of your app and don’t get too hung up on the details in the process. Now is the time to dream. The details of the road ahead will become clear later.