Welcome to another round of Appstrology horoscopes for the month of May! Astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, gives the key astrology of the month for each of the 12 signs to help you better market your app using insights from the stars. Make sure to read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data.



Happy May, Aries, and welcome to a month of deep shifts to your personal beliefs, thoughts and ideas. May marks the beginning of 2021’s eclipse season with a total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 9th house of personal expansion, travel, education and life philosophy. Lunar eclipses are linked to full moons, and mark emotional internal shifts. On or around May 26, you might find a shift in your personal beliefs to undertake new paths in life. This could be embarking on a new career path or making plans to travel somewhere you’ve always dreamed of.

These decisions will be deeply personal and perhaps made in secret. Be mindful of the way you communicate your decisions at the end of the month as Mercury stations retrograde on May 29. Your close friends and family might not be ready to accept these changes just yet. Gossip could be frustrating during this tender time for you. Confide in people who have earned your trust.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Eclipse season is always a time of endings and beginnings. In many ways, the recent tracking changes on iOS represent a before and after moment for the mobile community. Use this crossroads moment to look deeply at what is important to you about what you do. Is app growth a fulfilling career for you? Do you believe in the mission of the app or product you work for? All apps will have to answer these types of questions in the face of Apple’s data tracking changes. What value do users derive from your product? And is that value driving a higher good or just more consumption? Rest and reflect, and then take action.



Happy Birthday Taurus and welcome to the month dedicated to glorious YOU! As the sign of patience, pleasure and nature, all signs can learn from your dedication to remembering the importance of our connection to the earth. This month will be deeply impactful for you with the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 8th house of transformation. On a soul level, this will involve coming to terms with your own understanding of your worth.

Questions of self-worth and the way you communicate it via your approach to personal finance will be on display at the end of the month with Mercury going retrograde in your 2nd house of resources. Chronic saving communicates scarcity on a soul level. Why are you operating in a way that indicates you don’t believe abundance is your birthright? That said, overspending also indicates an imbalance: is your value based solely on the items you own? Think about the ways you communicate your worth to yourself that expand beyond the bounds of money and a consumer-driven view of self care. How often do you spend the most precious human resources on yourself: that is, your time and attention? Hold space for a lot of alone time this month to give yourself the opportunity to reflect.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Review the price structure of your app this month and how it communicates value to your user. Are you a free app? Then review the way you’re paying for growth. With Apple’s IDFA changes, it might be time to consider switching to brand marketing campaign models like CPM or CPE (cost per engagement). Consider flash sales, upgrade offers and giveaways to open new pockets of revenue.



This month will focus on communication in relationships, Gemini, with Mercury in your 1st house of personality opposing the total lunar eclipse in your 7th house of relationships on May 26. There is no doubt you are the great communicator of the zodiac but perhaps it’s time to humbly turn a new leaf when it comes to expressing your needs in relationships. Are there ways you can express yourself more directly to your partner?

Use the illumination of the lunar eclipse to consider the ways your light and bright communication methods might be holding you back from emotional growth. More personal conversations will be a theme once the Sun moves into your 1st house of self on May 21. When Mercury goes retrograde on May 29 you’ll have a chance to review and revise the way you talk about your feelings in the name of radical honesty, even if it goes against your usual affinity for lighthearted banter.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This month is a great time to review your messaging strategy. With recent IDFA changes, this might include finetuning your opt-in strategy and adding a pre-permission prompt into your onboarding of new users. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in Gemini for all of  May, it’s a great month to invite feedback from users, update your app store verbiage and focus on customer service communications.



Spirituality, self care and emotional boundaries will be themes this month, Cancer, with the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 6th house of wellness. If you have not been taking care of your body and mental health of late, there will be a reckoning at this time. Any patterns of negative self talk or weak emotional boundaries with others should also be recalibrated this month.

Fight the urge to go inward with any feelings of pain or suffering. Confide in your people for community and understanding. You deserve support just as you deserve to have healthy habits when it comes to your emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes the source of unhealthy habits is our own valuation of ourselves. What kind of care does your mind, body and spirit deserve? If you cannot say with certainty that your body deserves love and care then how can you expect anyone else to? Surround yourself with the support you deserve.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Emotional boundaries and radical self care will be the theme of your month Cancer, so take May to inspect the ways your work life does or does not align with your wellness goals. If work is taking up too much of your energy, it’s time to make some changes. From the standpoint of your app, it’s a good time to streamline your messaging, interface or media buying strategy. Look for ways to reduce needless chatter or clutter in these realms. What are the ways your app’s content or growth goals might be stretching you, your team and resources thin? Consolidation in the name of enhanced mental wellness is the name of the game this month.



Your community at work will take center stage at the beginning of the month with the Sun shining in your 10th house of career. Mercury will also be transiting through your 11th house of friends. Expect an active social calendar with lots of conversations and meetings from May 5-29. The total lunar eclipse on May 26 will highlight themes related to children and creativity. This could be a general desire to create in your life, whether that be embarking on a new hobby that fires up your creativity or building a side hustle. There might also be a blossoming opportunity for romance on May 26. Whatever takes hold, let your heart open to new pleasurable pursuits. Conversations, recalibrations and realignments in your conversations with friends will take center stage once Mercury goes retrograde on May 29.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Experiment with creative partnerships and partner marketing. Are there brands in your market that have complimentary products that you could partner with on co-branded content or events? How can you capitalize on collaboration to grow your following and app? Lean into creative, out-of-the-box campaign ideas. With so much focus on your 5th house of creativity, imaginative ideas that feel like a gamble are sure to win this month.



Family and home life will take center stage this month, Virgo, with the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 4th house of home and foundations. What will this look like exactly? Lunar eclipses represent critical turning points of internal shift. Basically, matters related to your home and family dynamics will reach a conclusion this month. If you’ve moved recently or experienced tumult in your familial relationships this last year, this could be a natural conclusion to any loose ends related to these matters.

The renewed stability in your home life will set you up for a very active career sector this month. With Mercury and the Sun transiting your 10th house of career, there will be plenty of new opportunities at work. Make sure to schedule any important meetings or sign contracts before Mercury goes retrograde on May 29. Any important agreements signed after this date will likely need to be reviewed and revised later.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Sometimes updating your home office space can do wonders for your productivity. Even more importantly, updating your work from home space can do wonders for your head space when it comes to work. If you’ve been meaning to make changes to your WFH set up or even just your living space in general, this month will be a good time to finalize home projects. In the same way, update or finetune any processes or operations in your team’s workflow in the name of greater efficiency this month. Onboard new work collaboration tools to iron out bottlenecks and automate the processes that you can.



There will be a focus on expression for you this month Libra, with the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 3rd house of communication. You might find more opportunities to converse with people in your daily life about your beliefs and ideas. With Mercury transiting your 9th house of personal expansion and travel, you might also find this expression taking place in transit (think: conversations with strangers met in planes, trains and automobiles). Be curious to the conversations that occur during this time and how they reflect your renewed perspective after last year’s turn of tumultuous events. Make sure to book travel for prior to May 29 when Mercury goes retrograde. Any trips that take place after this date until June 22 will be subject to delays and other mishaps.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Beware of communication breakdowns on or around the May 26 lunar eclipse. These developments may also take the form of the realization that it’s time to update your messaging strategy. Consider new ways to re-engage your users via push notifications and interesting content initiatives. If you’ve been spending much more on paid versus organic growth, it’s time to look at ways to use social media and content to grow and retain your following.



A new approach to personal finance should be expected this month Scorpio, with the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your 2nd house of resources. Any unresolved financial matters or major purchases should come to a natural resolution at this time. As the 2nd house is also the realm of self-worth, you might also experience a revamp in your grasp of your personal power. If this all sounds obscure, think of it this way: how does your ability to support yourself financially affect your confidence in life?

Transformation in the way you communicate your deep feelings should also be expected this month with Mercury transiting your 8th house of secrets. You can be incredibly mysterious dear Scorpio and truly no sign is better at keeping a secret than you. How might your ability to guard your truth be holding you back from experiencing your humanity? Vulnerable sharing of personal information to those who have earned your trust is the first step to joyful connection.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Deception and secrets are a theme this month, so make sure that any potential areas of misinformation in your IDFA opt-in strategy are handled with care. The name of the game this month for you Scorpio: transparency. Tell your users exactly what is happening as succinctly as possible. Explain honestly why it’s to their benefit to opt-in without incentives or offers, which is against Apple’s guidelines. Review ways to integrate blockchain technology into your product (if possible) in the name of financial transparency.



Happy May Sagittarius and welcome to a deeply transformative month. With the total lunar eclipse on May 26 falling in your sign and 1st house of self, expect to undergo some critical internal shifts this month. You might have new ideas about who you are and what you want to do in your life. You could also find yourself changing the way you look. If it feels like your soul makeover is creating discord in your relationship, it probably is. That’s perhaps one of the major takeaways for you this month, Sag: the personal is political, and will affect the dynamics in your relationship.

If you are partnered, notice the ways your personality shift is welcome or unwelcome in your relationship. If changes are met with immediate alarm but eventual acceptance, then it’s a testament to the strength of your relationship. However, if your personal shifts are met with overarching alarm from start to finish, it might be time to cast a more critical eye on your union. If you are not partnered, look for ways to integrate the changes you are experiencing into your search for a partner who is aligned with your most authentic self.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

This month would be a great time for redesign projects or user interface upgrades if your app has been in need of a new look. Remember that sometimes doing a full revamp is better than keeping parts of an old brand in the name of cost efficiency. Eclipses are powerful times of transformation. Go for a full makeover on or around the May 26 lunar eclipse to tap into this power.



Completion and new beginnings will be a theme this month, Capricorn, with the total lunar eclipse falling in your 12th house of endings. The last time an eclipse fell on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis was in December 2020. Think back to that time and what was going on. Are there events that developed around that time that are now coming to an end? Honor the experiences you’ve had since December and how far you’ve come. You’re a new person now and it’s time to turn the page. Mental health, wellness, self-care and healthy work-life boundaries will be a theme as the month progresses. Watch your communications with colleagues once Mercury goes retrograde on May 29 as miscommunications at work will be more likely at this time. If a revamp in your approach to mental health is needed, end of May will be a good time to review your habits.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Organization and administration will be themes this month. What processes can you automate or update in your workflow in the name of greater efficiency in your workflow? On a basic level, it would also be a good time to review the organization of your app. If your app is content-driven, take a fresh look at your UI, menu design and layout with an eye towards enhancing your user’s experience. It might also be a good time to tidy up. That is, review content pieces that take up space rather than drive value. What parts of your app truly bring your user joy?



A focus on self-expression with friends the company you keep, will be the theme of your month, Aquarius. The total lunar eclipse on May 26 will illuminate any outmoded dynamics in your friendships. It might also bring new friendly relationships into your life. If you’ve been finding it difficult to express your true feelings to friends, you’ll have an opportunity to review your communication methods towards the end of the month when Mercury goes retrograde in your 5th house of self-expression.

On a deeper level, you will have an opportunity to review the ways you assert your individuality in your community. As the sign of all for one and one for all sometimes it can be hard for you to express the ways you are special. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd this month, Aquarius. You’re a unique individual who deserves to be seen as such.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Community management and initiatives would be a great way to drive engagement this month, Aquarius. Consider investing more in your social media strategy to get people talking about your app. If there’s an opportunity to build out a community-based purpose and functionality into your app, go for it.



Welcome to a month of major shifts in your career, Pisces. The total lunar eclipse on May 26 will light up your 10th house of career. This will inspire a new, bolder approach to the way you show up in the public sphere. It’s time to take up space in your public life and show authority figures why you deserve more responsibility. Easy recognition in the workplace will be a theme this month, as will negotiations in your home life. Watch for communication breakdowns at home as the month wears on. Remember to think of them as productive opportunities to build understanding with the people who mean the most to you. With the major strides you’ll be taking in the workplace this month, forging support at home will be critical.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Go big this month: in your own professional life and that of your app. From most of May, Mercury will be powerfully positioned in the sign of Gemini, transiting your house of career. That means risks taken in your career are likely to go well. If your app is waiting to make big announcements about changes, announce them before May 29 when Mercury goes retrograde. Make big asks to authority figures this month, like salary raises, responsibility changes, whatever it is: ask for it.