On July 18th, the US YouAppi Team kicked off H2 with an offsite in Miami to discuss all-things strategy, business development, product, and growth. A full itinerary of presentations, meals, and activities was squeezed into two and a half days, where the team made the most of their time together. This US Team offsite marked the very first time the US team has been together in one place (and in-person)! 

Though there wasn’t a previous opportunity for the team to meet in-person due to Covid-19, it was hard to tell the team had been working remotely for so long given the chemistry between team members. One year and a half of remote work still allowed the team to share ideas and have thoughtful conversations, facilitated by virtual meetings and events, and a constant stream of communication. The US YouAppi team is unique in that it is a woman-dominated team, and being together led to even stronger relationships between team members. The first team offsite since Covid-19 marks a step in the right direction as more than two thirds of remote workers currently feel comfortable returning to the office (Morning Consult, 2021). 

As YouAppi strives to build out its US presence further with offices in San Francisco and New York, this Miami offsite was the perfect H2 kick-off. 


Against a gorgeous backdrop of Miami Beach, the YouAppi team members sat side-by-side and talked about the current and future plans for YouAppi’s product, business development, and growth strategies. The team learned from one another and found that our thirst for knowledge couldn’t be quenched in just two days. Miami was chosen as the global landing spot for our team offsite because it allowed us all to meet in the middle, while also providing a vacation-type feel for the team to celebrate after all the hard work put in during a remote environment over the last year. 

Our newest team member, Ray Morales, very recently joined YouAppi as our Senior Director of Programmatic Sales. Ray joined our sessions through zoom, eager to “meet” the team and still be involved with the strategic focus conversation built out by the team. Although he was not in the room, his presence was felt.

Day 1

On Day 1, Moshe Vaknin, YouAppi CEO and Co-Founder, gave a welcome note and discussed his vision for YouAppi with insights on what the future has in store for us. This was the first time Moshe had addressed his global team, focusing on YouAppi’s top market, the United States. Moshe shared pointers to sellers, strategic pockets of energy to develop further and the heavy focus on relationship building in today's market, not only with each other, but with our loyal clients. Moshe closed his session by discussing growth plans and sharing the roadmap in our continued dedication to product development, aligning with the needs of an ever evolving market.

Presentations by Naomi Shebah and Angela Humphrey followed discussing YouAppi’s current & future US business development plans. First, recapping all the wins and growth from the first half of the year, then transitioning into areas of new optimization strategies to further prove that the robust platform in daily use has continuous capability updates, led by the complex requests of our clients. 

Matthew Kloss & Dayna Serxner led our sales outreach and lead strategy discussion, sharing data usage, tools to manage automation, and a comprehensive map of target accounts for the second half of the year. Aligning with the global team, the overarching focus was to let the product shine, producing unique opportunities to nurture app retargeting leads and gain further market share.

Day 2

Day 2 brought riveting conversations about the core of YouAppi’s technology. Hilit Mioduser-Ames’ presentation on the ReAppi product facilitated thoughtful discussions diving deep into capabilities, including the roadmap of development that is set to further position ReAppi as the market leader. A direct line of communication from clients’ needs and requests to product development drove the knowledge-sharing session into a comprehensive strategic think tank on the future of the app retargeting tool.

Meiry Vaknin dove deep into product development, iOS14+ tech solutions, integrations and partnerships, finishing with an interactive conversation on contextual targeting, further tech development plans and expectations of future market changes along with the solutions already in development as a response. The team was very involved in the Q and A, extending into a makeshift “lunch and learn” session, proving a thirst for knowledge and genuine interest was strong with the US team.

The series of presentations capped off with plans for US Growth & Marketing from Nancy Roberts, Ashley Schmitt, and Eden Baniel. Market presence and deliverable data showed over 50 unique pieces of content, new and recurring branding initiatives, mobile leader spotlight and their impacts on market perception of the newly launched YouAppi brand. Events and other lead generation channels in H1 proved to be beneficial to the growth and market adoption of ReAppi. It also provided an openness and market understanding for education on the recent pivot away from the formerly traditional “UA Network” way of business.

Team Kick-Off

Out of office took on a whole new meaning. The daily meeting room held scenic views of Miami beach, festive YouAppi branded balloons and a warm welcome gift prepared from each member really made the event feel like a celebration.  Each team member received a goodie bag with YA swag including a custom Miami themed YA logo T-Shirt and baseball cap, along with amenities to keep them feeling cool in the warm Miami sun.

 After thorough and thoughtful conversations on product, tech and business, it was time to unwind with nights filled with vibey fire dancer filled restaurants, top chef worthy fare and rubbing elbows with fellow team members. The team experienced one of the best culinary experiences Miami has to offer with meals at Malibu Farms, Komodo, Mila Restaurant and Rooftop Bar, and Planta, and catering by Pura Vida and Bodega.

The team hung out with iguanas pool-side, enjoyed an ocean side view and were able to dip their toes in the sand just steps from their room.  Inspiring creativity while learning local culture, the team enjoyed a private walking tour of the Wynwood Art Walls by a local historian and art connoisseur, followed by an exclusive artist-led graffiti lesson, where each member was able to learn, create and be inspired by the carefully selected Miami strategy location. The hands-on Graffiti Experience was taught by Miami-based artist Luis Valle, sharing techniques in bubble lettering, shading and tips to managing the spray paint medium. Some were better at creating 3D letters than others, but let's not name names! 


The US Miami offsite provided a deeper understanding of YouAppi’s strategy and future plans for H2, while cementing YouAppi’s US presence and strengthening relationships between team members. Though it was the first time the team was able to get together since Covid-19, it certainly won’t be the last as YouAppi continues to grow. YouAppi’s coming for you, H2!