Happy November, Star Gazers, and welcome to your monthly round of Appstrology horoscopes. Astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, gives the key astrology for the month to help you market your app and live in alignment with the stars. Make sure to read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data.

This month, Mars will be traveling through the sign of Scorpio and making challenging aspects to Saturn and Uranus at points in November. There will also be a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus on November 19. Lunar eclipses catapult periods of inner transformation and shifts. Read your horoscope below to understand how these transits could affect you and your app this month!


August Astrology Horoscopes Aries

Happy November, Aries! As your ruling planet, Mars, is a very important planet for you to keep watch of and it will be traveling through your 8th house of deep feelings, shared resources and secrets. Furthermore, the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 will be opposing your 8th house so the aforementioned matters will take center stage. It would be good to schedule activities that give you the space to reflect on more psychological matters this month. That might include seeing a therapist, having a soulful conversation with a close confidante or reading a self-help book about healing.

Triggers around past hardships or insecurities could come up this month. Flag November 10 and November 17 as days when transformative insights could dawn on you. These insights might come in the form of reflection after conflicts or challenges arise. On November 19, use the transformative power of the lunar eclipse to reflect on your inner demons. Think of any past hardships as fires that shaped you. Claim the events you’ve experienced so you can learn from them and move forward.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

How does your app share resources and is it effective? Talk of funding sources could come up this month and the ways in which those channels of funding make you beholden to external opinions. Do you feel like your creative freedom to innovate is being thwarted? Express your frustrations this month because if you internalize them, they might explode. On November 10, watch out for cutting words - either from you or someone else.


August Astrology Horoscopes Taurus

Relationships will take focus this month, with the Sun and its ruler, Mars, traveling through your 7th house of partnership. In some ways, this focus might feel like getting uncomfortably spotlighted. Do you feel like your personality and strong will are on blast this month? The point here is to think about how your determination and ability to dig your heels in may actually be frustrating your ability to get what you want in partnership. Avoid investigating every relationship for potential areas of darkness. Softening is your challenge this month, Taurus. That includes softening into the unknown and also the willingness to compromise (versus confront). The November 19 partial lunar eclipse in your sign will be an internal reckoning. What can you let go of in this lunation to lighten your load in the name of moving forward?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Demanding results in your partnerships is necessary to meet your KPIs. That being said, demanding to an extreme could actually be impeding your ability to get the results you want. Ever heard of the saying, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar?”. Slow down and remember the human side to your partnerships. Relating to people on the other side of the screen or performance report with kindness could also improve your performance.


August Astrology Horoscopes Gemini

Watch yourself this month, Gemini! With Sun and Mars traveling through your 6th house of health and wellness, you might be more accident prone than usual. Take particular care of your body on November 17 when Mars will be in exact opposition to the planet of surprises, Uranus. Overall, health-related matters will be on your mind in November. Reprioritize your wellness routine if you’ve been stressed, overbooked and ungrounded. The partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 will activate your 12th house of spirituality and the subconscious. While much of the month might activate matters related to taking care of your body, that day could showcase the importance of taking care of your mind as well. Do you have support networks and coping mechanisms set up for when you need a little extra mental health support? Reach out to friends, consider taking a mental health day and remember: you are not alone.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Getting back to the basics when it comes to implementing systematic workflows on your team could be in order this month. Is it time to onboard a new project management platform or internal communication system? If you manage a team, review how you could improve work processes to make everyone — including yourself — feel more supported.


August Astrology Horoscopes Cancer

With Mars and the Sun moving through your 5th house of creativity and romance, Cancer, you’re in for a passionate month. In fact, it would be a wonderful time to set up channels within which to express this passion. This might be taking on a new creative pursuit or putting yourself out there if you’re looking for a relationship. Your creativity in particular will be on fire this month so keep a notebook handy and jot down ideas and plans as they come. The November 19 lunar eclipse will have you reviewing your friendships and how they do or don’t feed your creative fire. It might be time to surround yourself with more people who give you the spotlight. Take note of how you feel on or around this date and make changes as needed on the solar eclipse on December 4.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With so much energy in the creative sector of your chart, it would be a great time to review creative assets. Investigate what you can do to use design to better hit your KPIs. This might be as simple as tweaking a CTA or adding a colorful border to an evergreen ad. Use your enhanced creative energy to look forward to your holiday campaigns. Start brainstorming creative assets that will help fuel a successful year end shopping push.


August Astrology Horoscopes Leo

Family and home matters will be on your mind this month, Leo. With Mars and the Sun activating your 4th house of home, family and roots you will definitely be investing more energy than usual in balancing outmoded family dynamics. This might be through conflicts with family members or the uncovering of information about your family that you were not aware of. Mark November 10 and November 17 as days to watch out for when it comes to challenges with family members. Especially on November 10 when Mars will be conjunct Mercury and square Saturn, be careful of using words as weapons. Do some internal reflection on your family dynamics and how they have shaped your personality on the November 19 lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses catalyze intense periods of inner reflection and endings. What patterns would you like to let go of in order to progress in your familial relationships?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With Mars activating your 4th and 10th houses of roots and reputation this month, a review of your app’s branding and mission might be in order. Does the service or product that your app currently provides still align with these core assets? If not, use the transformative power of the lunar eclipse on November 19 to do some reflection. A refresh of your core values in the name of solidifying your brand might be in order.


August Astrology Horoscopes Virgo

Watch for fighting words this month, Virgo! With Mars moving through your 3rd house of communication, you might find yourself in more verbal conflicts than usual. Take particular care to watch what you say, how you say it and who you say it to when it comes to conversations with your neighbors and siblings. Gossip could also be a theme this month as the communication of private matters could cause conflicts. Flag November 10 as a day to watch what you say. While most of the month will focus on your communication skills, the November 19 partial lunar eclipse will have you thinking about your beliefs. That being said, honor how your beliefs might have shifted throughout the last year. Remember, it’s OK to change your mind.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Be careful of communication breakdowns with your app. This might include malfunctions in deploying messages to your users or oversights in copy editing. Review your onboarding messaging strategy. Are there missing touch points that you could capitalize on to better engage your user? Review your retargeting messaging to ensure it hits a positive rather than pushy tone.


August Astrology Horoscopes Libra

Dearest Libra, keep watch of your spending habits and feelings of scarcity this month. With Mars moving through your 2nd house of resources, you could experience a sudden loss of money due to unexpected events. If major payments come up, hold tight until the November 19 lunar eclipse when your fortunes could very literally change. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for external support or a loan around this time. Mars will be making tense aspects to both Saturn and Uranus throughout the month. For you, the areas of activation will be related to how the things that bring you joy could also be adversely impacting your bank account. If you have children, you might be feeling the stress of providing for your family. If you have any trigger points related to a money scarcity mindset, November will provide a massive opportunity to work through them. Remember: abundance is not just a tangible outcome but a way of thinking too.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Avoid making major investments this month. Take measures to save and be mindful of campaign spending as much as possible as unexpected costs could come up on or around the November 19 lunar eclipse. Is your app thinking about raising another round of funding? The lunar eclipse will provide you with the green light (or red light) on whether to go forth.


August Astrology Horoscopes Scorpio

Happy birthday, Scorpio! In so many ways, November is emblematic of your energy. Specifically, the ways in which you like to get to the bottom of things. Events could arise this month that give you the forum to flex your strengths at strategy, investigation and applying a passionate focus. Try to walk a balance of keeping things light and bright on November 10, November 17 and November 19. All three days, Mars in your 1st house of self will be in tense configurations with Saturn, Uranus and the full moon lunar eclipse, respectively. Avoid picking fights — and especially picking apart your relationship with your partner. Tread lightly with your family as well as conflict could arise within your family as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches. Instead, turn your powers of investigation on yourself this month. Where does your need to go deeper come from and how does that intensity help or hinder your relationships? Trust is a massive theme for you. How can you transform your relationships by trusting and depending on other people more?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With so much Scorpio energy on deck this month, it’s a good time to look into the areas of your app that users can’t see. These behind the scenes elements might include your first party data strategy or back end functionality. In many ways, Scorpio is the sign of learning to effectively share resources. If you’ve been one of the many players in mobile who has merged or been acquired in the current wave of consolidation, this month would be a good time to explore building trust with new partners in the name of sharing resources.


August Astrology Horoscopes Sagittarius

Are you ready for your transformation, Sagittarius? This month, with Mars and the Sun activating your 12th house of the subconscious, you are sure to get one. It’s all about coming to terms with your shadow side this month, Sagittarius. Don’t overcomplicate the term ‘shadow side,’ all it means is coming to terms with your fears and insecurities. Reflecting on these things can be painful, which is why people avoid it. That being said, there are astrological transits that provide people with once-in-a-lifetime openings into their subconscious that can help them heal and grow. You will have one of those openings in November. Mark your calendar for November 10, 17 and 19 as days when challenging events could arise that trigger your darkest thoughts. Get things in order so you can take a mental health day if you need to. In fact, your mental health should be top of mind all month so schedule things that nourish your body and spirit. This could be a yoga class, spiritual retreat or simply a massage.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Hidden information about your app could come to the forefront this month. So, be prepared for unexpected news or data. Err on the side of transparency when it comes to sharing information within your team. Are there ways, overall, you can implement more transparency in your app’s strategy? Review your opt-in messaging and privacy policy and see if you can be even clearer with your users about what your app is doing with their data.


August Astrology Horoscopes Capricorn

Matters with friends, colleagues and your community will be a theme this month, Capricorn. Why? Because there will be a pile up of planetary energy in your 11th house of community. With Mars traveling through this house, the theme will be cutting out relationships that don’t serve you anymore. In the end, this is for the best, but it can feel like hell in the process. Don’t internalize ruptures with friends or your community as personal representations of why you’re not good with people. Sometimes we’re just meant to go our own way. If you’ve been meaning to break free from a group of people who you just don’t feel understood by anymore, wait until after the November 19 partial lunar eclipse to make any concrete moves. Until November 19, treat any conflicts that come up as data points. Optimize your community based on said data points after the eclipse.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

When was the last time you created an updated profile of your user? Are you hitting the same demographic that you were when you started? Has your target audience moved to a different set of channels in the last year? Do a deep dive on getting to know your user today and update your cross channel marketing strategy accordingly.


August Astrology Horoscopes Aquarius

Career matters and what success means to you will be top of mind this month, Aquarius. With Mars and the Sun activating your 10th house, this might manifest as challenges at work or with authority figures in your professional life. For good measure, practice thinking through what you say before you say it on or around November 10. That day Mercury will conjunct Mars and oppose Saturn so challenging communications with authority figures could be a theme. It might feel like it’s time to break free from restrictive jobs or work policies this month. Take note of events on or around the November 19 lunar eclipse which will fall in your home sector. Does it feel like it’s time to uproot yourself in the name of more freedom? Take action if it’s still on your mind at the end of the month.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Be careful of communications or press that might negatively represent your brand in the public this month. Do you have a PR firm at the ready in case of a communications crisis? Take control of your brand’s narrative before someone else does.


August Astrology Horoscopes Pisces

What’s in store for you this month, Pisces? A shift in beliefs and values, that’s what. With Mars and the Sun activating your 9th house of higher meaning and truth, you might find your personal values undergoing a transformation. This could come after a trip, or after studying a new philosophy or form of self-care. Avoid philosophical arguments — especially about your newfound beliefs on November 10 when communication disputes will be a theme. Notice what elements of your life feel outmoded, hyper-traditional and lacking in progress or innovation on or around November 17 when Mars will be opposite Uranus in your 3rd house of the mind. Let yourself be transformed by the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. This would be a good day to journal, reflect and dream about how much better the world and society could be.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

It’s quite an expansive month for you Pisces and your big, bright ideas are sure to impress higher-ups. That being said, take the lead on any marketing efforts to revamp your brand’s ‘About Us’ page or core values. Err on the side of out-of-the-box ideas and handle comments from more traditionally-minded team members with care. Not everyone can see beyond the current establishment like you can right now. Build bridges to take people with you instead of leaving them behind.