With the 2024 Summer Olympics fast approaching, brands looking to leverage the games to expand their reach should start advertising now.

This summer, the Olympics will take place in Paris from July 26 to August 11. As a significant cultural touchpoint that consistently attracts massive global viewership, there are many opportunities for brands to leverage the Olympics for enhanced engagement and ROAS in app retargeting campaigns.

Read about the top trends of this year’s summer Olympics and tips for how your brand can leverage them to maximize your app engagement.

2024 Olympics Trends and Key Opportunities

As one of the biggest television events of 2024, the Summer Olympics is a key marketing opportunity for brands globally.

  • Global Viewership: Massive global viewership expected, potentially surpassing the 3 billion viewers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with high engagement from U.S. audiences due to complimentary time zones to Europe. According to Cox Media, the majority of US viewers fall in the 50-64 year-old age bracket and 69% of them have at least some level of college education.
  • Live Viewing: According to a 2021 YouGov Survey, 74% of viewers said they prefer to watch Olympics action live on their TV sets (versus previously recorded programming). As such, NBCUniversal plans to feature at least nine hours of daily daytime coverage of the Paris Olympics. This will be in addition to providing primetime programming— which will account for the most Olympics programming ever provided.
  • Multi-Device Viewing. During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 57% of people consumed Olympics content via a smartphone or tablet.

The Surge in Live Sports App Streaming

It’s key to keep in mind that the backdrop of the 2024 summer Olympics is the ongoing rise live sports streaming. According to a study by LG Ad Solutions, a majority of sports enthusiasts today consume their favorite sports with streaming apps, versus via traditional linear TV. Specifically, 74% of CTV users opt to watch sport events via streaming apps This represents a notable increase from the 68% of sports viewers streaming programming on apps in 2023. Moreover, the data shows that 38% of users use three or more streaming services to catch their favorite sports programming. The same report predicted that people streaming the Olympics this year would increase by 21% in comparison to the last Olympics.

Other sports streaming highlights include:

  • Sports streamers watch more than just one sport: Among CTV viewers, people watch an average of 5-6 different sports, with 54% watching more than 5 hours of live sports per week.
  • Sports viewing translates into ad engagement: 64% of viewers are likely to pay attention to ads while watching live sports. That being said, 74% of viewers also wish ads served during sporting events were more relevant to them, and 80% state they tend to remember those that are – with 67% expressing their desire to see scores and updates within the ads themselves. This indicates a pressing opportunity for marketers to personalize ads as well. It also highlights an opportunity to leverage real-time sports updates to enhance relevancy.

App Retargeting Tips for the 2024 Summer Olympics

With the 2024 Summer Olympics on the horizon, app marketers have a unique opportunity to leverage this global event for enhanced engagement and ROI. Here are some strategic tips and best practices to incorporate into your app retargeting campaigns during the Olympic Games.

CTV Retargeting 

With the rise of Connected TV (CTV) viewing during live sports events, including the Olympics, CTV retargeting is a key strategy for engaging users across multiple screens. Retarget audiences who are streaming Olympics content on their CTV devices with personalized ads on their mobile devices. These ads could also showcase real-time scores or other updates relevant to the streamed sports event.

For more information on how YouAppi’s CTV Retargeting solution can help you retarget key users during the 2024 Summer Olympics, read our blog.

Localized Retargeting Campaigns 

Orchestrate localized app retargeting campaigns strategically positioned around competition zones and fan zones during the Games. Utilize location-based targeting to ensure continuous and relevant visibility to users attending Olympic events, maximizing engagement and brand recall.

Community Engagement on Social Platforms 

Engage with in-app communities and platforms like TikTok to target diverse audiences with relevant Olympic-themed content. Create "CommunityToks" that align with the Olympic spirit and values to foster engagement without directly mentioning restricted terms. This approach allows for organic interaction and fosters a sense of community among users.

Contextual Targeting Based on Event Schedule

Align your app retargeting efforts with the Olympic event schedule to deliver timely and relevant ads to users. Utilize contextual targeting to match ad content with specific Olympic events, such as swimming, gymnastics, or track and field, based on users' interests and engagement patterns. By delivering ads that resonate with users' current viewing preferences, you can maximize engagement and drive conversions during key moments of Olympic excitement.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for Real-Time Personalization 

Leverage DCO technology to dynamically adjust ad creatives in real-time based on changing variables such as competition results, medal counts, or weather conditions. By tailoring ad content to reflect the latest Olympic updates and trends, you can create a sense of urgency and relevance that resonates with users in the moment. This level of personalization enhances the effectiveness of your app retargeting campaigns and ensures that your ads remain fresh and engaging throughout the Olympic Games.


By implementing the below strategies tailored to the 2024 Olympics, app marketers can effectively capitalize on the heightened global viewership and engagement during this cultural event, driving app engagement and ROI.

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm: With the 2024 Summer Olympics approaching, brands should start planning and executing their advertising strategies now to capitalize on this global event's massive viewership and engagement potential.
  2. Multi-Screen Engagement: As live sports streaming continues to surge, particularly during major events like the Olympics, brands must adapt their app retargeting strategies to reach users across multiple screens, including Connected TV (CTV) and mobile devices.
  3. Localized and Contextual Targeting: Leveraging location-based and contextual targeting during the Olympics can help brands ensure their ads are timely, relevant, and engaging for users, maximizing brand recall and conversion opportunities.
  4. Community Engagement on Social Platforms: Engaging with in-app communities and platforms like TikTok can provide brands with an organic and authentic way to connect with diverse audiences during the Olympics, fostering community engagement and brand affinity.
  5. Dynamic Personalization with DCO: By harnessing the power of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), brands can deliver personalized ad experiences that resonate with users in real-time based on changing variables such as competition results and weather conditions, enhancing ad effectiveness and engagement.


Ready to elevate your app retargeting campaigns for the 2024 Summer Olympics? Contact us today to learn more about how YouAppi's innovative solutions, including CTV retargeting and dynamic personalization, can help your brand maximize engagement and ROI during this global sporting event.