Barry’s Coach and #WarriorWoman, Erica Stenz, led our Barry’s & Spring Cleaning class on Thursday, May 20th with a total body workout followed by a Spring Cleaning workshop. She shares her thoughts below on how Spring Cleaning has changed her life in the past year, and gives tips on how to spread light and de-clutter your mind, body, and soul. 

Erica Stenz, Instructor at Barry’s NorCal/ SF and #WarriorWomen Founder and Speaker

Spreading Light Through Self-Love

The only thing we can control some days is our breath. After every workout, it’s important to give ourselves self-love. In light of our Spring Cleaning topic, I wanted to give everyone one minute of Savasana, where we could all lay still and think about one thing we want to let go of. We then finish with a cleansing breath where we breathe in goodness, courage, commitment, consistency, and exhale any clutter, negative energy, expectations, and ego. Taking in love because you are worthy, and spreading light with a less cluttered mind. 

I’m excited to explain the way that I’ve spring cleaned my life this past year. In light of Spring Cleaning, I’ve tried to let one thing go each day. And the way that I did that was by taking a nine month break during COVID from Barry’s. And that was really tough on me. I also took a nine month break from Instagram because I needed to start decluttering for me to prioritize my self-care.

Around Christmas time, I helped my mom with the daycare she runs. We had about 14 kids in the daycare, ranging from two weeks old to five years old. So for about eight hours a day, I was changing diapers and during their nap time, I would do Barry’s classes. In that stage, I realized I couldn’t work at the daycare forever. I was giving my mom the help she needed at the time, knowing that when I was ready I would return to my own routine with a better, deeper understanding of where my priorities were at. 

Visualizing Change

My mom, who is also my best friend, did something amazing for me, too. She went to the store to get a big white poster board and a bunch of magazines. Together we did a 10-minute manifestation meditation where you visualize what you want in life. Then you start with a blank piece of paper, which for me was the white poster board, and I started cutting out images from the magazines that resonated to me. I took images that interested me and categorized them into two piles of importance. I reflected that at one point I had prioritized my career over family, and when I categorized these images, I put the photos of my family at the top. The next set of images were more connected to my fitness and to other areas of my life. 

Throughout this process, I realized that I could let go of the images that were not as important to me. So, what Spring Cleaning really means to me is shifting your priorities and starting to let go, one day at a time and one thing at a time, of the less important things. Over time, I found this process super cathartic and helpful so I created more vision boards when big changes were happening in my life, such as when I moved to the city. 

Enhancing Your Mind-Body-Soul Connection

There are really many ways to go about Spring Cleaning, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. If you’re familiar with the Marie Kondo method, then you know that Spring Cleaning is about looking at all of your things practically and spiritually, and deciding piece by piece what you would like to keep and what you are ready to let go of. I incorporate this method into my daily life by tossing anything in my closet that I haven’t worn in a year. I’ve also seen a coach who has helped me learn to take care of my spiritual self by nourishing my physical health. It is so important to drink enough water, exercise, sleep well, and eat right. Mind, body, and soul equals the power of well-being.