The Untapped Potential of Female Mobile Gamers

Since its inception, the mobile gaming industry has witnessed a significant shift in its demographic landscape. Contrary to the traditional image of mobile gamers predominantly being young men, the data illustrates a starkly different reality: women are not just a part of the mobile gaming community; they are a formidable force that constitutes approximately 48% of the overall mobile game audience. What’s more, in terms of engagement and in-app purchases, they are one of the most powerful and influential segments in mobile gaming.

With engagement levels that surpass their male counterparts, female gamers present mobile game developers with an untapped wellspring of revenue potential, especially crucial in today's shifting economy.

Below, we outline trends, data and insights to shed light on women gamers and help mobile game developers tailor their strategies to better engage this audience.

Understanding Female Mobile Gamers

As mentioned above, female gamers constitute over 48% of the global mobile gaming market, challenging the long-held stereotype that gaming is predominantly a male pastime. Even more notable — according to a study conducted by GameHouse last year — 74% of women playing mobile games today admit to playing a game at least once (some of them several times) per day. More than 67% of these women say that mobile gaming is a vital part of their ‘me time’. A vast majority of women who spend their downtime playing mobile games (73%) fall into the 35 to 44 age bracket.

Not only do women represent a significant portion of the mobile gaming population, but their engagement levels far surpass those of their male counterparts. In fact, mobile gaming sessions played by women last 25% longer on average. Women are also more likely to make in-app purchases, indicating higher levels of engagement and investment in mobile games.

Popular Genres Among Female Players

Female Mobile Gamers are Casual Gamers

There’s no doubt hyper casual games are the darlings of the mobile gaming marketplace. As one of the most successful game genres since the birth of the app store, casual games generate anywhere from $2 billion to $2.5 billion in revenue every year. Between now and 2026, it’s predicted that casual games will grow at about a 7% CAGR to reach 23.5 billion in overall revenue. What’s more, average revenue per download for casual games is projected to grow by 15% between now and 2026. This shows a pressing opportunity for app developers looking to maximize revenue to capitalize on this category’s growth.

female gamers

Source: Statista

What’s the draw of casual games? They don’t require much investment and they’re perfect for light gameplay when in transition — whether it be commuting, during a lunch break, or watching a second screen while binging a series.

According to data, women are noticeably more engaged than men in casual games. In fact, they spend on average 22 minutes a day playing casual games. That’s roughly three minutes longer than the average male casual gamer (a male casual gamer typically plays for 19 minutes).

The Casual Game Genres Female Mobile Gamers Adore

Within the hyper casual game category, women players are most likely to play games in the Bubble Shooters, Puzzle, Word, Board, and Collapse game genres, with 48%, 35%, 35%, and 32% of women playing these games, respectively. Additionally, a 2019 survey in the U.S. found that 39% of female gamers played Pokémon Go, while 34% played the battle royale game[4]. These findings highlight the preference for casual and puzzle-based games among women players in the mobile gaming space.

The Growing Market Opportunity of Female Gamers

The popularity of mobile games among female players has grown significantly over time. Reports from 2020 showed that women accounted for almost 70% of mobile gamers in Europe. A 2023 study conducted by GameHouse found that 74% of women of all age groups play mobile games daily. Additionally, the average game session time has increased significantly for women, with women spending 25% more time gaming than men. Furthermore, women are increasingly seeking "me time" through mobile gaming, with 67% of women stating that mobile gaming is a vital source of personal time. These findings indicate a growing and significant presence of women in the mobile gaming market, and the increasing market opportunity of this segment.

Strategies for Re-engaging Top Female Players

To capitalize on the opportunities presented by female gamers, mobile game developers should consider the following retargeting strategies:

1. Tailored Content and Personalization

Develop games and content that resonate with female preferences, emphasizing genres and themes that appeal to them. Use data analytics to personalize the gaming experience and retargeting campaigns based on their playing habits and preferences.

2. Inclusive and Respectful Community Engagement

Foster a gaming environment that promotes inclusivity and respect, addressing concerns of sexism or harassment that female gamers might face. This can improve retention and encourage positive word-of-mouth.

3. Special Offers and In-App Purchases

Given that women are more likely to make in-app purchases, tailor special offers, and promotions to encourage repeat transactions. Exclusive in-game items, discounts, and loyalty rewards can enhance engagement and retention.

4. Social Sharing and Community Building

Encourage social sharing and community building within games. Features that allow players to connect, share achievements, and participate in community events can increase engagement among female gamers.

5. Supportive and Inclusive Marketing

Ensure marketing campaigns are inclusive and resonate with the female demographic. Highlighting female gamers in promotional materials and utilizing channels where female gamers are active can improve campaign effectiveness.


The data and trends surrounding female gamers in the mobile gaming industry highlight a demographic that is engaged, diverse in their gaming preferences, and increasingly influential. Tailoring strategies to better serve and re-engage this segment can lead to enhanced experiences for female gamers and increased success for developers in the competitive mobile gaming market.

  • Female gamers represent a significant and influential segment in the mobile gaming market, making up approximately 48% of the global audience.
  • Women gamers are more engaged than their male counterparts, with longer session times and a higher likelihood of making in-app purchases.
  • Casual games, particularly genres like Bubble Shooters, Puzzle, Word, Board, and Collapse, are extremely popular among female players.
  • Effective strategies for re-engaging top female players include tailored content and personalization, fostering inclusive and respectful gaming environments, offering special promotions and in-app purchases, encouraging social sharing and community building, and deploying supportive and inclusive marketing campaigns.


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