The app market grows and changes every year — as do the strategies that help marketers stay ahead of the competition. Here’s a round up of the top tips and tricks we’ve learned from years of running ROI-positive app marketing campaigns. We’re certain if you implement even just one of these strategies, you’ll boost your conversions and user lifetime value (LTV).

  • Leverage AI-Powered Personalization

Advances in generative AI and machine learning have streamlined the process of personalizing mobile ads. Increasingly, this has made personalized mobile ads table stakes for brands. In fact, according to a Salesforce report, 62% of consumers expect companies to adapt their marketing content based on real-time data. Personalized communications ensure a better user experience and higher conversion rates. Epsilon found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences while 90% found personalization appealing overall.

With this in mind, one of our top recommendations to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your mobile advertising campaigns is to use generative AI and machine learning to automate the creative design and delivery process as much as possible. This might include using large language learning models (LLM) like Chat GPT to generate multiple ad text and copy options to A/B test. Another idea is to use LLMs to augment data for more detailed information about users. For example, you could use Chat GPT to generate keywords about a certain geo. You can then use these keywords to personalize ads targeted to users in that geo even further.

  • Embrace Incrementality Measurement

If you follow our blog, then you know we’re a little obsessed with incrementality measurement. With incremental lift testing you can prove the value of your mobile ad campaigns and also learn the most efficient way to spend your next ad dollar. You can also compare the relative uplift and value of different targeting strategies. This can help your team prioritize certain strategies and spend your marketing budget more efficiently.

Not only does incrementality help you better understand what’s driving performance in your mobile advertising campaigns, it also improves your results. In fact, AppsFlyer has found that incrementality can increase ROI by 20% and quadruple a brand’s conversion rate. If you’re going to invest in mobile advertising then focusing on strategies that make your ad dollars work harder and smarter — is key. We believe incrementality is a fundamental addition to any successful mobile advertising campaign.

{For more information about the ins and outs of incrementality testing, read our recent incremental lift Q&A with YouAppi’s Senior VP of Growth, Hilit Mioduser-Ames, here.}


  • Optimize Creative Assets for Maximum Impact

Creative assets play a significant role in the success of your app marketing and retargeting campaigns. In fact, according to a study by Magna Media Trials and Yahoo, creative quality was responsible for 56% of purchase intent. Furthermore, engaging creatives improve brand memorability and lead to +23% aided ad-recall. Customers are also more likely to notice (+20% lift) and enjoy (+13% lift) ads with improved visuals, such as a human presence, product images, or prominent logo placement.

This suggests that marketers’ ad performance can benefit greatly from even just small improvements to their ad creatives. Test an array of different ad formats and elements to see what activates your audience. Your brand should also explore high-performing interactive ad types like video and playables. Finally, re-engage top customers with strong, eye-catching visuals and clear calls-to-action.

  • Incorporate Deep Linking 

Deep linking is a technique that directs users to specific in-app content or screens, rather than the app's home page. This simple yet powerful strategy can increase your campaign conversion rate by over 50%. Why? Because deep links streamline a user’s experience by taking them directly to the page that’s relevant to their next step in your conversion funnel. According to a Nielsen Norman Group study, 51%of users are unable to find the products they are looking for on ecommerce site searches. By utilizing deep linking, you can remove the guesswork for users. Rather than dropping them on an irrelevant page in your mobile app, lead them directly to the product listing or point of purchase with deep links. This creates a seamless user experience, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.

  • Focus on retargeting campaigns

Ever heard of a leaky bucket in mobile advertising? It’s the visual conjured when marketers realize that the average app sees 95.5% of its users churn within the first 90 days of install. To compensate for this chronic user churn, many brands accelerate their acquisition efforts — as if they’re trying to fill a leaky bucket with water. But, the truth is, the best way to fill the proverbial leaky bucket in mobile advertising is to focus on acquiring and keeping quality users versus a large quantity of new users. This is where mobile app retargeting campaigns can help brands more efficiently spend their marketing budget.

With retargeting you can focus your ad spend on only the customers who are most likely to make a second, third and beyond — purchase with your app. This is much more efficient than spending your ad dollars acquiring average users who are likely to uninstall your app.


  • Utilize AI-Powered Personalization: Employ generative AI and machine learning to create personalized mobile ads for better user experience and higher conversion rates.
  • Embrace Incrementality Measurement: Incrementality helps efficiently allocate marketing budgets, can increase ROI by 20% and quadruple conversion rates.
  • Optimize Creative Assets: The quality of creative assets can influence purchase intent and improve brand recall. Test different ad formats and interactive ad types for maximum impact.
  • Incorporate Deep Linking: Deep linking improves user experience by directing users to specific in-app content, increasing campaign conversion rates by over 50%.
  • Prioritize Retargeting Campaigns: Retargeting campaigns help focus ad spend on quality users and can counter high churn rates typically observed in the first 90 days after app install.

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