In our Campfire Stories, we spotlight Appi Campers and share their stories in their own words. In times like these where we are adapting to new circumstances every day, we invite you to get to know us and lean on our community- the app marketing experts and your camp friends- as we continue to grow, step forward, and learn together as a community.

Raymund Bautista's Campfire Story

In the last 10 years, Raymund Bautista has been building partner programs (& teams) that drive revenue growth and product adoption in the mobile app space, including advertising, attribution, and engagement. He is passionate about diversity & inclusion and believes a diverse mix of voices leads to better outcomes plus diversity is a business imperative.


Turn Up The User Experience - Make It Convenient and Safe

Retailers are looking to expand beyond the traditional consumer journey. There have been interesting brand interaction concepts trending in the last year, as a direct result of pandemic-weary consumers opting for an order-ahead, contactless shopping experience. 


B.O. P. I. S.

BOPIS or Buy Online, Pick-up In Store, is a click and collect consumer strategy, allowing the customer to make a purchase on the web or in app, drive to the brick-and-mortar retail location, pick up the product in the store or have it delivered to your vehicle. 

This tailored get-it-now consumer journey is for the individual that needs their new product now, whether it’s an outfit, groceries, or paint. BOPIS allows the consumer to get their items without having to wait for the shipment and track its progress. To further support this buyer’s journey, many retail stores are now adopting the strategy, supporting BOPIS with cross-channel messaging and curbside pickups. Good examples are Nordstrom, Target, and Home Depot.


Convenience Meets Brand Adoption 

When it comes to BOPIS, it stands as a more convenient buying experience and invents a new way to shop and interact with brands, store representatives, and integrated services. From the time of order to receive your receipt to arrival detection, and live in-app chat with a store representative in real-time. Customers are communicating with the brand and creating a new customer journey with a seamless and personalized brand experience.


Let’s Shop and Get a Little Personal 

Order confirmations and pick-up details from personalized SMS and email messages are standard. Turn it up by delivering personalized mobile wallet passes from that SMS and email. This makes it easier for customers to track their orders and keep them engaged with the retailer after installing the app and opting in. When the customer opts-in, they receive personalized receipts, loyalty rewards, and coupons. 


Before arriving at the store location to pick up the product, retailers can leverage location to create a more seamless pickup experience for customers and store representatives with a customer engagement platform and a location geofencing platform. Events such as the customer are on the way, approaching, and arriving can be used in real-time to trigger personalized messages that provide high value to both customers and brands.


When the customer arrives at the curbside, assigned parking spot, or in the store, retailers can use geofencing to drive on-premise mobile app and wallet engagement by sending a personalized SMS message to install the retailer’s app (if they haven’t already) or sign up for your loyalty program. Push notifications with special offers, loyalty features, and information that drive more app opens can lead to more purchases. Then retailers can use purchase history to upsell or add on complimentary products during order fulfillment. Hey, since you bought those kicks, consider these matching tops and bottoms. Now we’re really talking. 


After the customer picks up their product, retailers can continue to keep the customer engaged by sending follow-up in-app, SMS, and email messages that apply to the product (e.g. upcoming product releases, recipes, painting hacks) and send surveys to understand customer sentiment. Mobile wallet passes with coupons and offers can help with loyalty. Retailers need to drive continuous high engagement for repeat purchases, upsell, cross-sell, and potentially abandoned carts. 


Retailers can build seamless end-to-end and personalized shopping experiences that consumers will appreciate and drive store traffic & loyalty with a customer engagement platform like Airship and location geofencing data solutions. Because the buyer had an easy and safe experience, tailored to their own customer journey, it's highly personalized, reliable, and relatable. Creating these memorable interactions within the buyers' journey is what sticks out in consumer's minds, generating not only initial brand adoption but also an ideal customer experience that allows for brand loyalty to remain far after the initial purchase.