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Want to reach only relevant audiences? YouAppi’s premium programmatic in-app inventory gives great brands global recognition. With over 2 billion unique users worldwide, each with 66 data parameters around their behavior and interests, it’s never been easier to attract who you’re after.

Stop throwing money away. Make every ad dollar count with seriously tight Programmatic UA campaigns. YouAppi’s machine learning and A.I. technology guarantees a true ROAS throughout the campaign.

Make your ads look great. Step back and let YouAppi help you. Our design experts know the ins, outs, and tricks that make any campaign successful.

YouAppi’s dashboard quickly shows how your campaign’s performance is doing. It’s the easiest way to track and optimize KPIs and make data-based decisions to target high-impact users. Safely spend with our 100% transparent traffic with insights.

Cover your assets. With our programmatic offering, our six-step fraud protection process helps you produce a positive ROI with every campaign. Automated buying direct from the source, cleans up the old “middle man” approach.

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