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Spotlight with Vicki Goldman

Vicki Goldman is a Director of Marketing at Paramount Streaming, but when she is not driving app installs and subscriptions, she volunteers as co-chair of The Guardians of Los Angeles Women’s Division. The mission of The Guardians of the Los Angeles Jewish Home is to provide financial support for members of the senior community who are served by the Los Angeles Jewish Home through residential and community-based programs. As a leader for The Guardians, Vicki leads monthly meetings and motivates members to raise money and volunteer at fundraising events that support the elderly which are one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. 

How important is giving back to your community and why?

Giving back to the community comes natural for me because I grew up with a family with strong values to give to charity and treat people who are less fortunate with compassion. Since I work in a corporate environment, it is important for me to give back because it helps balance my life and gives me more of a purpose for what I do with my time. Sometimes we don’t see how lucky we are and should use that privilege to assist others who need help due to certain circumstances.

How do you handle outreach for donations or volunteer opportunities?

I find if you are passionate for a cause, others will gladly help as well. Think the best approach for asking for donations is to be authentic, show how you are personally giving and how this is part of your everyday life. Sometimes when I just mention the charity in casual conversations, it has surprisedly led to amazing donations or new volunteers. Take advantage of your network because you never know who is willing to help to give their time, money or happens to have extra items/swag around that they want to contribute.

How are you able to balance work life and charity work?

Luckily I have very supportive leadership at my company that understands the importance of their employees giving back to the community. In fact, my company gave employees a ‘Volunteer Day’ so we wouldn’t have to take PTO if you were using that time volunteering. Like any job or commitment, I make sure my calendars are up to date, notify anyone if I have a conflict right away and if I can’t make it, I’ll still do my best to motivate others to be there. Also make sure you enjoy and have fun with the charity work you do, so it brings you excitement and won’t feel like an obligation that takes up your days or evenings.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to be more proactive in getting involved with their community? 

If you want to be more proactive in getting involved with your community, find the right people to do it with. Make that effort to become friends with the individuals at any organization or charity, so you have more motivation to get involved and it will feel more gratifying to volunteer with those you enjoy hanging out with.