Appi Camper is an interview series that shines a spotlight on today's mobile elite, showcasing their expertise and knowledge. Growth leaders share trends, strategies to navigate the current market, tips to overcome present challenges, and how they approach these impacts to successfully emerge as an Appi Camper.

Spotlight with Sean Hailer

Sean Hailer loves living in California, though he's originally a Colorado native. He says, "being a military brat as afforded me the ability to live all over the United States while I was growing up. As an adult, my career has taken me all over the globe from Europe to Asia, and most recently the Middle East. I have an amazing life! I've been married now for nearly 7 years, and have a wonderful family."

Currently, Sean manages partnerships with some of the world’s largest ad networks and technology partners. He works alongside them to strengthen their technical integrations and relationships with AppsFlyer, by leading discussions around opportunities for content, co-sponsoring events, sales referrals, and providing industry insights.


What are the trends you are currently seeing? Any notable effects or strategies you can share?


With COVID-19 as the largest current challenge facing our industry, gaming, exercise/fitness, and food delivery app companies are seeing an increase in organic growth in recent weeks, and in some cases they've changed their marketing strategies to meet demand. Some are aggressively increasing spend on focused growth channels to take advantage of the surge they’re experiencing. Among verticals that have taken an aggressive UA approach since the end of February, we see increases in non-organic installs and user engagement in Education, Media Streaming, Health & Fitness, and Gaming.

As communities in the US apply stricter quarantine protocols, the need for food delivery grows, leading to a 135% jump in organic installs of delivery apps, and a 48% increase in revenue since the beginning to the middle of March.


What are some of the challenges for growth marketing during this time?


As the market shifts to more at-home entertainment and indoor-consumer friendly businesses, understanding these market shifts is more crucial than ever. Understanding that shifting spend from channel to channel, by vertical, can drive substantial growth. Optimizing spend towards those channels that consumers have more exposure to, now that they’re safely tucked away in their homes, is key. AppsFlyer has released a dashboard showing the trends and impacts on marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.


What are you doing to stay positive and balanced while working remotely?


For me, it’s about attitude and a caring employer. AppsFlyer has been amazing throughout this global crisis. I look at this current situation as a way to increase the breadth of my relationships with partners; how can I better support them during this time? What projects can I focus on that will have the most impact for them, and increase my effectiveness?

AppsFlyer has enabled us to be successful even during this challenging time. I have found that structuring my day as though I am still heading to the office helps. Establishing specific working hours helps set boundaries. AppsFlyer has made the transition nearly seamless, going from an all-in company environment to an all-in work-from-home environment. Our People Operations team provides the most supportive experience; virtual coffee breaks with colleagues, virtual yoga, etc. They know that maintaining open lines of communication is essential for not only our clients’ benefit but for our own wellbeing. I couldn’t ask for a better company.