With a creative track record of working with brands including Nike and Clorox, Craftsman+ partners with YouAppi to bring better creativity to YouAppi’s programmatic app retargeting campaigns.


SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 19, 2019 -- There is a misconception that ads on mobile devices served via programmatic exchanges have to scream BUY NOW to generate results. Even more so for app retargeting ads created to bring back dormant or inactive users, right?


With YouAppi focused on the technology and methodology of app retargeting, the company sought a best-in-class partner to provide ad creative for the company’s app retargeting campaigns.


Early campaign data from the partnership between creative technology platform Craftsman+ and mobile marketing platform YouAppi indicates creative ads perform better, generating down funnel actions, engagements, and purchases.


“Marketing is an inherently creative industry,” said Leo Giel, CRO, YouAppi. “Therefore, we ran a global search for the best creative partner with extensive experience in app retention marketing to provide our clients with the best possible creative alongside our ReAppi app retargeting technology solution. This search led us to Alex (Merutka) and Craftsman+, and early results have exceeded our expectations.”


Craftsman+ produces best-in-class playable and interactive video assets for leading mobile marketers and brands. Using the company’s Interactive Content Engine (ICE), partners like YouAppi also have the ability to quickly iterate content to drive scale and efficiency. The ICE platform allows teams to intuitively design and templatize assets for a variety of ad sizes, using sophisticated technology to automate iterations across all notable marketing platforms.  Craftsman+ clients include Nike, Clorox, Elevate, Truebill and more.


“We’re excited to partner with YouAppi and leverage the power of their purpose-built ReAppi mobile app retargeting technology alongside Craftsman+ creative, and provide marketers with effective creative that delivers retargeting results,” said Alex Merutka, CEO and founder, Craftsman+.


“The combination of our ReAppi technology and Craftsman+ powered creative is a win-win for our clients who are benefitting from better-performing ads that are smarter and more efficient,” added Leo Giel from YouAppi.


ReAppi is a fully managed programmatic app retargeting solution which enables marketers, app developers, and agencies to benefit from full-funnel app retention. ReAppi reactivates recent installs or other upper funnel intents such as app engagements, tutorials, and registrations to convert down the funnel. Existing users are re-engaged to increase gameplay, orders or purchases and upsell valuable users into returning users.


YouAppi retargeting has increased app revenue and LTV for marketers, app developers and agency clients across a range of verticals including e-commerce, food delivery, gaming, travel, fintech, lifestyle, and entertainment.


About YouAppi YouAppi is a leading performance-based mobile app marketing and retargeting platform for premium app publishers and brands. From user acquisition to retention via app retargeting and re-engagement, the tech company delivers a comprehensive range of mobile marketing solutions to grow your business at every stage of the user funnel. Powered by machine learning and audience targeting, YouAppi’s proven proprietary app retargeting technology finds and retains the most profitable users for clients. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, YouAppi’s global offices include New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Ra’anana, Beijing, Singapore, and Seoul. Learn more at www.youappi.com.