Happy October, Star Gazers, and welcome to your monthly round of Appstrology horoscopes. Astrologer and mobile marketer, Ariel Neidermeier, gives the key astrology for the month to help you market your app and live in alignment with the stars. Make sure to read the forecast for the sign of your Ascendant (also known as your Rising sign) for the most accurate forecast. You can use free digital resources or apps to calculate your Ascendant sign using your birth data.

This month, Mercury will be retrograding and traveling very close to Mars. Make sure to triple check your app’s communications and functionality to avoid technical and informational breakdowns.


August Astrology Horoscopes Aries

Relationships are the name of the game for you this month, Aries. The Sun, Mars and Mercury will all be traveling through your 7th house of partnerships for most of October. This means there will be a renewed focus on communication and conflict resolution in your relationship. If you are unpartnered, this might take the form of how you communicate with potential partners; and also how your communication habits might affect your approach to long-term partnerships. With Mercury retrograde in Libra until October 18, reviewing your communication style and revising your approach to find ways to build (rather than burn) bridges, will be a theme. This review and revision process might come as a result of conflict. That being said, flag Oct 9 as a potentially feisty day and watch what you say to your partner. If you are unpartnered, think about the ways your fiery communication contributes to missed connections.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With partnership a major theme this month, it would be a good time to review your relationship with your DSP partners. Find ways to build value in your partnerships by directly stating what you’d like to see more of; and also giving positive feedback on the results you’ve been pleased by. Increase cohesion by asking questions to your DSP that help build your trust in the relationship.


August Astrology Horoscopes Taurus

Work life balance, your commute and your routine will be on blast this month, Taurus. With the Sun, Mars and Mercury in your 6th house of wellness and daily life, it’s time to implement healthy habits! If you’ve got your yoga, meditation, fitness, etc. routine on lock then shift your focus to your work life. Are there colleagues that cause your stress and anxiety? Are you spending far too much time worrying about work? If you have a daily commute, watch out for transportation glitches until Oct 18 when Mercury goes direct from it’s retrograde. Also watch your communication with coworkers while Mercury is spinning backward. Direct, authentic communication balanced with positive feedback is key; in other words, say what you mean but don’t say it mean. Finally, Mercury rules day-to-day technology so back up your work computer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you...

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With Mercury retrograding through your work and routine sector, refrain from making any changes to your internal workflow until after Mercury goes direct on Oct 18. Instead, focus on enhancing your team’s wellness. That could be planning a team outing or pushing for employee wellness benefits like gym memberships or weekly lunches. How can you align team wellness initiatives with our new work from home reality?


August Astrology Horoscopes Gemini

You’re bound to have fun this month, Gemini, but don’t overdo it. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will be traveling through your 5th house of creativity and pleasure for most of the month. That said, Mercury will be retrograde and also traveling very close to the planet of overdoing it, Mars. What does this mean? Hang out with friends, have fun, get weird, but toe the line of straight up hedonism. Enjoying yourself is great, so is knowing your limits.

As one of the most social signs of the zodiac, I can completely appreciate that you need to blow off some much-needed pandemic steam. But, there will be a reckoning related to whatever you get up to this month on or around the Full Moon on Oct 20, when the Sun and Moon will be squaring Pluto, the planet of pressure and power. Furthermore, Pluto is transiting your 8th house of fear and death. What does that spell? Don’t overdo your social life and get into a situation where you put life and limb at risk.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Use Mercury’s retrograde through your 5th house of creativity to review your design and refresh creative assets. One critical part of managing successful performance marketing campaigns is creating a wide array of creative assets that can run for an extended period of time. Refresh your evergreen and seasonal creative assets and think of unique ways to create clearer, more creative call-to-actions.


August Astrology Horoscopes Cancer

Family life will be the focus of your month, Cancer. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars all crowding your 4th house of home, family and roots in October, communication and conflict resolution in your familial relationships will be a theme. Review the way you speak to your family members, and especially any father figures in your life. It might be time to level up your approach. This could be speaking up more or speaking up less - whichever is your less-used approach.

Dynamics might get fiery on Oct 9 when retrograding Mercury will conjunct Mars and the Sun. Be careful of what you say and how you say it so as not to ruffle your home life too much. Come to terms with the way your family dynamics might be affecting your relationship on the Oct 20 full moon. It might be time to set up better boundaries with your family members or your in-laws.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Home is where the heart is and now that so many of us work from home, how can you build a space for your team to call home? Team building hits different when you only ever interface on Zoom. Start thinking of ways to improve the bonds between you and your team. A safely coordinated, in-person event might be in order.


August Astrology Horoscopes Leo

Communication and the way you problem solve will be on display this month, Leo. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will be traveling through your 3rd house of information, so the information you collect and how you pass it on will be a theme. With Mercury retrograde this month, be careful of gossip and how what you say can be morphed and misinterpreted by other people. It might also be a good time to look inward and reflect on your own mishandling of information that gets passed to you in social contexts. Communication wars and tempers may flare on Oct 9 when Mercury connects with Mars so keep gossip to yourself to stay out of trouble. As the 3rd house also rules short distance travel, watch out for flat tires and car troubles on road trips.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With communication a theme, double and triple check sensitive verbiage this month like your data collection policies or ATT prompt. Don’t make any unilateral changes to wording without having multiple eyes check it. This goes for everyday copy too like push notifications, in-app modals and emails. Remember: Content is Queen. Consider investing in an eagle-eyed copywriter to get the job done.


August Astrology Horoscopes Virgo

Financial matters will be on your mind in October, Virgo. The Sun, Mars and Mercury will be moving through your 2nd house of material resources. Review your budget and revise spending habits that might need an adjustment. With Mercury traveling very close to Mars for most of the month, you might struggle with some thoughts of money scarcity. This could be due to unforeseen payments coming up on or around Oct 9. Stay calm and refrain from making any big purchases until after Mercury ends its retrograde on Oct 18. Self-worth will also be a theme this month, Virgo. What parts of yourself are you most proud of? Rather than get down on yourself for your money management, cut the self-critical narrative and lean into the ways you kill the game.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Reviewing ad spend and campaign budget could be a theme this month, Virgo. With your 2nd house of money activated, you might feel like you’re either spending too much or not enough. Before you make any rash decisions that might cut down traffic sources in your campaign, let the data actualize. Also, remember that sometimes it takes spending more in the short term to scale up your campaign in the long term. Are your money concerns real or are they all in your head?


August Astrology Horoscopes Libra

Happy birthday Libra! No sign understands how to harmonize and find balance in relationships like you do. This makes you incredibly charming and diplomatic in social settings. It also reflects a commitment to co-existence that all signs can learn from. Things should get interesting for you this month, Libra! With the Sun, Mercury and Mars in your sign for most of the month, you will feel stimulated, social and perhaps even a little more fiery than usual. Mercury will also be retrograding in your sign until Oct 18. So, you might feel a little lost for words sometimes. Prepare for the oncoming mental jumble by finding ways to slow down and be present. Take the extra time to think through your ideas before you express them.

With Mars very close to Mercury in your 1st house of personality, you might have a shorter fuse than usual, especially on Oct 9. Take this energy as an opportunity to explore direct communication - and confrontation - if needed. Things that are usually easy for you to brush under the rug might feel intolerable this month. What are some positive differences between addressing matters head-on rather than keeping the peace when you have strong opinions about things?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

With so many planets in your 1st house of personality this month, Libra, it’s a great time to start planning for a major transformation to your app’s image, design and branding in the last half of 2021. That being said, don’t actually make any of the changes you start brainstorming quite yet. Since Mercury is in retrograde, it’s not a great time to execute major shifts but it is a great time to review what you might want to change after Mercury goes direct on Oct 18. Start planning your rebrand to kick off 2022 with a fresh start.


August Astrology Horoscopes Scorpio

A spiritual awakening might very well be in order for you this month, Scorpio. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars activating your 12th house of the subconscious, you will be feeling reflective. You might even feel called to investigate the deepest recesses of your mind! Notice where your thoughts drift off to this month. With Mercury’s retrograde until Oct 18, you might find yourself replaying critical events in your life. What did these events teach you? How did they shape you? And, how can you learn from and evolve from them now? Turn dark feelings outward rather than inward and ask your people for support when you need it. Shadow work should never be a solitary pursuit! Give the people closest to you the rare opportunity to support you when it really matters.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Review the back end functionality of your app and the things people don’t see. This might include your data collection policies. As recent history has shown, it’s evermore important to have an immaculate data strategy. As the 12th house is also the realm of hidden behaviors and secrets, make sure you are not cutting corners to collect user information non-consensually.


August Astrology Horoscopes Sagittarius

Friends and group dynamics will be the theme of your October, Sagittarius. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars clustered in your 11th house of community this month, you might find yourself hanging with a new crew. You might also find yourself negotiating your friendships more than usual. Friend drama is stressful but it’s also an opportunity to deepen relationships. Watch out for conflicts on Oct 9 that make you feel like you need a new set of friends. Take the time to reflect on what friendships you want to invest in further and which you might want to take a step away from. Mercury’s retrograde through your friendship house until Oct 18 will give you the insight to weed out the connections that may no longer serve you.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Review your cross-channel marketing strategy this month, Sagittarius, and the way people come in contact with your app across the digital world. How can some of these channels be updated or revised to better shape the narrative of your app? Passive marketing - like passive income - is a great way to set up a long-term marketing strategy. How can you get people talking about your app even when you’re not launching a new promotion or campaign?


August Astrology Horoscopes Capricorn

Your career will be on your mind this month, Capricorn, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars activating your 10th house of worldly fulfillment. What do you want to achieve in your career and how has that changed from the past? With Mercury retrograding through your 10th house, it might be time to review your work goals and whether they fit what you want today. Frustrations at work could erupt with Mercury making a conjunction to Mars on Oct 9. Don’t let your agitation get the best of you in the public realm. Think through complaints before you address them directly to people and definitely don’t take any rash actions based on your reactions in the moment. As one of the most work-oriented signs in the zodiac, remember not to let your career define you. Why? Because that bases your emotional health and happiness on work matters, which you can’t always control. If you beg to differ on this point then see what happens this month and get back to me.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Avoid making major, public announcements until after Mercury ends its retrograde on Oct 18. Public malfunctions with your app could come up this month so make sure you have a solid user communications strategy in place for when things break. Admitting that something went wrong and communicating what steps you are taking to fix issues is key here. Strike a humble, conciliatory tone in the face of complaints.


August Astrology Horoscopes Aquarius

Expand your horizons this month, Aquarius. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars activating your 9th house of expansion and beliefs in October, it’s a good time to reflect on how your feelings about your purpose have changed. Are you passionate about different social issues now? Are you more or less concerned with certain pursuits? Whatever it is, with so many planets lighting up your 9th house, you’ll have an opportunity to expand in different areas of your life this month. Lean into new passions and pursuits by enrolling in a workshop or reading a book on the topic. Dare to dream this month even if what you want to pursue seems completely out of your depth. Trust the ideas that pop in your head and the desires that you can’t seem to shake. Doubt will be a theme this month. Aren’t the most interesting people the ones who push through self-doubt?

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Start reviewing whether it might be a good idea to launch your app growth into different markets this month, Aquarius. With so many planets in your 11th house of expansion and foreign countries, consider the value of expanding in emerging markets like APAC or LATAM. That being said, don’t execute on anything this month. It will be a better time to take actions according to your research after Mercury’s retrograde ends on Oct 18.


August Astrology Horoscopes Pisces

Steady your deep feelings this month, Pisces! The Sun, Mercury and Mars will be activating your 8th house of fears and the psyche. Themes around self-worth and the people and pursuits you’ve invested yourself in could come up this month. Watch out for negative self-talk on or around Oct 9 when retrograde Mercury will make a conjunction to fiery Mars. Also, just watch out for your temper in general this month, Pisces. You’ll be doing a lot of subconscious reflection. And, by subconscious I mean, beyond your waking recognition. Take care not to take out any psychic stress on others as you might feel flashes of anger at yourself and the world. How can you have compassion for yourself even when you’re not happy with your present reality? The Oct 20 Full Moon may bring friendship dynamics to the fore. Who in your community do you feel truly appreciated by? Lean into those relationships and take steps back from the rest.

How to integrate this into your mobile marketing strategy:

Practical realism and calm should be made top priorities this month at work, Pisces. With so many planets in the deep-feeling 8th house, stress, anxiety and fearing what you don’t know will be easy places for your mind to wander. Focus on the positive parts of your growth strategy and not just the areas of needed improvement. Take an hour a week this month  to list out all the things that are going well.