Welcome to another installment of our Stargazer Series: a quarterly predictions report dedicated to the intersection of technology, innovation and the stars! In each report, Astrologer Ariel Neidermeier will give a rundown of top technology trends based on the astrology of the quarter. 

In this report we cover Q2 2021 appstrology trends including a focus on in-person experiences and a preview of an expansive period to come.

Stargazing in Q2 2021

As discussed in our Q1 Stargazer report, the end of 2020 marked a new era. In 2021, the collective will shift from an Earth-based to an Air-based focus for the next 139 years. This will include a shift in focus from building via Big Industry and tangible resources (fossil fuels, coal) to questioning and innovating via intangible resources (technology, information). In Q1 2021, themes centered around transparency and data privacy in the name of the “public good” as well as the continued need to build innovative methods of connection in the age of social distance.

This quarter will kick off the year’s eclipse season with two out of four eclipses to take place in 2021. This includes a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 and a solar eclipse in Gemini two weeks later on June 10. Eclipses are amplified lunar events that involve the critical alignment of the sun, moon and points in the moon’s orbit called the lunar nodes. Symbolically, the lunar nodes (called the “Nodes of Fate”) represent the karmic link between our past and future. Accordingly, eclipses can mark powerful turning points that illuminate our destiny both on a personal and collective level. Astrologically, eclipses are known to activate dramatic shake-ups and surprises.


Source: Photo by Vincenzo Malagoli on Unsplash 


What do the stars have in store for Q2? Here are 3 key Q2 2021 astrological trends and how to use them to optimize your mobile strategy and beyond.

1. The Revolution of Human Connection & the Power of the People

Uranus, the planet of change, innovation, and revolution has been in stable Earth sign, Taurus, since March 2019. Uranus is an outer solar system planet that spends seven years in each sign. For comparison, inner solar system planets (meaning: closer to the sun) like Mercury and Venus move much faster. Mercury can stay anywhere between 15-60 days in a sign (depending on its retrograde motion). For the planet Venus, only about 30 days is spend in one sign. On the other hand, outer solar system planets like Uranus and Neptune spend years transiting one sign, retrograding much more often than inner solar system planets. Given it’s slow motion, the movement of Uranus impacts generations on a collective scale.

As the planet of change, the planetary energy of Uranus is uncomfortable in Taurus, which is the sign of stability and earthly resources. In astrology, Taurus rules the financial system, the food industry, civic infrastructure and other tangible items that can be interacted with using your 5 senses; what can I see, hear, smell, taste and touch? On other hand, Uranus rules all things intangible and high tech. Think of resources that can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched; like 5G, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

With Uranus in Taurus until 2025, expect to see innovative changes to entrenched industries. One example could be the food industry and continued innovation in genetically modified foodstuffs or changes to the way we dine out. With Taurus ruling in-person, human connection, Uranus in this sign will also contribute to an overall feeling that the process of doing things without technology and at a slower, human pace, will feel like a radical act. This will especially be the case as accelerated vaccine distribution leads to reopenings in certain parts of the world. People will find more value in doing things and connecting tangibly during this time; rather than ordering it on Amazon, walking to a store and sourcing it in person; rather than FaceTiming a friend, meeting in real time.

These themes are also particularly relevant in Q2 2021 as Uranus will be making the second of three exact squares to Saturn on June 14. Saturn is the planet of tradition, institutions, the legal system and all things conservative and resistant to change.

With these two planets going head-to-head, expect shocking changes to entrenched institutions. For reference, the first Saturn-Uranus square in February 2021 coincided with Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, meeting with regulators to discuss whether the recent GameStop short squeeze warranted further action to protect investors in light of Robinhood and TD Ameritrade’s restriction of GameStop stock transactions.

The banding together of the people (Reddit users) to rise up against entrenched institutions (Wall Street) is very much a theme of Uranus squaring Saturn.

How this could affect your mobile marketing strategy:

As an app marketer, how can you innovatively align with the trend that more and more people want to interface with the world versus a screen? This might include making changes to your app’s functionality to be more efficient. Look for ways to allow your users to do what they want to do on your product faster. If your app currently measures value on app session length, it’s time to reevaluate your metrics. What do your users actually value? Do they value spending hours on your app or do they value using your app productively to enrich their lives?

Take note that entrenched institutions will face calls to be more flexible and transparent. That said, if you’re a fintech or utility app, think of ways to be more agile and positioned to the needs of the regular consumer.

2. A Preview of Travel, Growth & Expansion to Come

Jupiter, the planet of belief systems, expansion and idealism will be transiting Pisces starting May 13 through the end of July. This will be just a quick preview before Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius for the rest of 2021. Pisces is Jupiter’s home sign, therefore, when it is in Pisces it has a strong, favorable effect on the collective. During Jupiter’s stint in Pisces (May 13 - July 29) there will be a general feeling of hopefulness and an optimistic view of the future. Looking for workable solutions that are based in optimism (versus pessimism) will be a theme.

As Jupiter also rules personal expansion, education and travel, there should be a sense of forward movement in these realms during this time. The total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26 will be a climactic point in this planning.

Lunar eclipses are amplified full moons that represent critical turning points in our perspective. It’s often a time when our deep emotions are illuminated. The Lunar Eclipse will also fall in the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius. So, Jupiterian themes of idealism and confidence in the future will also be highlighted.

How this could affect your mobile marketing strategy:

Use the time when Jupiter will be transiting Pisces to start brainstorming Big Picture plans for a reopened world in 2022. Although it might feel like the reopened world in 2021 is here to stay, Jupiter will be going retrograde at the end of July; e.g. this feeling will be fleeting. Expect travel to come back briefly during the summer. But, remember that another wave of closings should be expected by the end of the summer. If you work for a travel app, start making plans for 2022 rather than jumping the gun in 2021.

3. The Need to Focus on Strong(er) Communication 

This quarter we’ll also have our second Mercury retrograde of 2021. This time in Mercury’s home sign of Gemini, making its effects even stronger. On May 5, Mercury will enter Gemini. Gemini is the sign of communication. With Mercury in Gemini for most of May, you’ll be able to express your ideas more clearly than usual. There will also be more of a focus on using data, facts and research during this time.

With Mercury going retrograde on May 29, however, your ability to communicate clearly using data will be tested. Mercury retrogrades challenge us to review and recalibrate our approach to communication. With Mercury in its home sign and therefore stronger, this need will be critical during this retrograde. During its retrograde motion, Mercury will also square Neptune, the planet of confusion and deception. This will mudde our grasp of reality and making it harder to communicate effectively.

How this could affect your mobile marketing strategy:

With Apple’s ATT Framework implemented this week, May is the perfect time to perfect your opt-in messaging strategy. In the name of Mercury in Gemini themes -- that is, direct, transparent and data-driven messaging -- consider enhancing your IDFA opt-in strategy using a pre-permission prompt. When Mercury is retrograde May 29-June 22, clear communication will be more difficult. Double check your data and wording to prevent any communications that might be confusing to users. With Mercury retrograding and squaring Neptune the planet of confusion and deception, carefully review your opt-in strategy. Make sure your messaging does not incentivize users to opt-in using discounts which are a violation of Apple’s terms.